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Alternatives to Dog Parks

Exercise and exposure to the outside environment are most important in pet grooming and healthy life. In this regard, dog parks play the most crucial role. They have many benefits, including many novel things to explore, freedom to run, interact and socialize with other fellas etc.

However, some dogs are not best for off-leash playgrounds and become threats to other pets or themselves. Moreover, some may get a lot of uncontrollable with excitement, stress, fearful of conflict. Moreover, many unpleasant events, including dog fights and unnecessary growling, may have permanent effects on your little pup’s mental health. Such situations affect dogs’ emotional health and harm them physically, and dogs may also experience behavioural changes.

However, if you cannot, for some reason, go to a dog park, there can be tens of other options for you. Continue reading to explore dog parks’ alternatives if your dog is not the best candidate for dog parks.

Individual Play Dates

You can simply ditch a dog park by planning a small group or individual playdates. They can be arranged anywhere, including your home, friend’s house or anywhere you are comfortable. This will not only be less stressful than dog parks but also very safe for your little sensitive Maltipoo. Again, this shares the same set of benefits as dog parks. These playdates help your pup learn vital social skills, appropriate behaviours and a sense to love and share. However, you need to watch for over-arousal to prevent any unpleasant event in the yard. You can simply interrupt the play during times to prevent them from getting over-excited, leading to nothing other than aggression.


Mind stimulating games and those involving physical activity are great for pups. These games help in exercise to keep your puppy healthy physically and engage their canine mental capability. This will help them maintain their emotional health and revive their natural instincts and behaviours. If it is difficult for you to go outside, you can try some indoor games. Following are some games you can play indoor with your pup.

Increasingly Challenging Hide and Seek

It is one of the basic yet exciting and stimulating indoor game for puppies. It can be fun and full of enthusiasm, not only for your little Maltipoo but also for you. So, you can consider it one of the best cures to boredom and generation of self-confidence. The basic rule is that you will hide, and your Maltipoo will look for you. Hold your Maltipoo or make him “sit” before you conceal. You can then hide in a selected place and call for your little friend. Your Maltipoo may take a few times to master this method. But when it does so, it becomes your best partner indoors, especially in winters, when the outside temperature is too cold to go.

Which Box?

There is another super fun search and seek indoor activity for your Maltipoo. Dogs of all ages love to play this, and it’s healthy for them both physically and mentally. Maltipoos tend to boost their confidence whenever they win it.

It contains 6 to 10 boxes, of which one has a delicious treat. Go for the boxes of equal sizes to make the game a lot more fun. Moreover, the most massive box must be the size of your Maltipoo so it can reach it easily. Open all the boxes from the top. Hide randomly and make your pup search. You can introduce your creativity and make the whole lot a bit more complicated.

Adventure Box

If you don’t want to create the whole game field every time or are rather busy, this is for you. This is the same as hunting treasure. Fill the box with the items in which your little friend can rifle to find the desired object. You can make it out of simple unused objects like boxes, pipes, towel tubes, newspapers etc. Once you made it, you don’t need to worry about your pup anymore. Make him search and search a bit hard to get that very treat. However, if your puppy has a habit of eating newspaper or plastic, watch him while he explores.

To prevent this, you can also add multiple non-chewable items like plastic bottles(cleaned and closed), kitchen funnels, small plastic measuring cups, etc. You can also use different sized hand towels, washcloths and dishwasher rags to ditch newspaper.

Go For Car Rides

You can go for car rides with your little pup. Some Maltipoos are afraid of car rides in the beginning. So, you can start with a very short distance and increase the distance afterwards. You can also try changing the destination. Many pups don’t like car rides as they are usually taken to the vet in those. They develop a feeling that they are being taken to the vet, so they start acting fearful. You can take your little to the Starbucks drive-thru whenever you are happy with some of their excellent behaviours. Puppies love their Pup Cups. They really worth it!

However, ensure to have a car seat or other safety harness when you go on a ride.

Malitpoo in car

Visit Dog-Friendly Businesses

Pet supply stores allow pets. However, apart from that, many other businesses also alow so. Many hardware stores and even some restaurants that have outside dining arrangements are welcoming to pets. Moreover, some also offer pet-friendly menus too! You can look into your area and discover if some stores allow pets and their rules and regulations.

There’s Plenty of Places – Be Creative!

As we have listed above, there are many other areas and methods to help your Maltipoo exercise and socialize other than dog parks. These options are far more beneficial for small pups like Maltipoos than dog parks. Maltipoos are always at risk of being attacked by other dogs and get some kind of parasites. So, you need to be extra careful with them. Also, this cuddle pup is pleased indoor with you. So, all you need to do is arrange some physical and mental activity for it. Moreover, do not forget to take him out occasionally and give him a lavish treat!