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Are Maltipoos Aggressive?

Maltipoos are cute little and friendly lap dogs. This intelligent breed is not only comfortable to train but also very clean and sleek. You can easily mould its behaviours and characters according to you as long as you are consistent. Therefore, you can control its aggression, extensive barking, inconsistent behaviour, etc. However, improper training can also cause increased aggression and less obedience in your pet.

Aggressive behaviour of the Maltipoo is the most complex behavioural problem any Maltipoo owner is concerned about. However, there can be multiple reasons why Maltipoos are aggressive. Continue reading to learn a lot more about Maltipoos aggressive behaviour and tips to train your little friend.

Why Is A Maltipoo Aggressive?

Most of the time, Maltipoos are very friendly and humble creatures. However, there are times when they go over the board and react. Multiple reasons can be behind this behaviour. Most of the time, it is a combination of more than one reason. The major of them are stated as:

Teething Becomes Difficult:

Teething can cause immense pain and itching. The whole process can be very irritating and painful for little dogs. The irritation can cause the puppy to growl hysterically and develop an urge to chew everything that comes in front of him. Give more care and attention to your Maltipoo in this stage. Contact your vet if the situation worsens

Health Issue:

A Maltipoo may react violently and growl when someone touches him immediately. The reaction can be due to some injury that may not be very obvious. Canines usually feel vulnerable and are ready to attack when their health is compromised. Check your Maltipoo from every aspect to rule out the possibility of any type of infection. Contact your vet immediately and have a complete body examination even when no apparent injury is present. Go to the vet even if he has a recent medical study.

Improper Hierarchy:

This is the focal point behind the aggressive behaviour of your Maltipoo. It always aggravates other factors when combined with them. In this condition, Maltipoo becomes highly sensational and confrontational. All these changes are reflected in his habitual practices. For example; the Maltipoo will start growling when you take away his toy, or even when you try to provide him with the necessary daily care. The aggressive behaviour will mess up the things when combined with teething pain and thee Maltipoo will become uncontrollable.

An Uncontrolled Play:

A play of any kind that becomes over excited or violent can lead to Maltipoos aggression. Moreover, some fun things you consider may be tiring for your Maltipoo. Therefore, he resists by showing a quick reaction in the form of growling.

Signs of Aggression

Symptoms of aggression may vary from one Maltipoo to the other. However, the most common symptoms are stated as:


It is most common when the dog feels frightened at the sight of a moving object, another larger dog, a fellow Maltipoo, a vehicle, or even an unknown human. Moreover, suppose you try to do changes Maltipoo’s food, water, or bowels or stop it completely. In that case, it can also cause severe aggression.


This is the most aggressive reaction when the Maltipoo thinks it is the last way. Maltipoos are usually very friendly and seldom. However, this reaction can be seen when he is injured, vulnerable, or consider something life-threatening.


It is a quick snapping of both jaws. It is a lighter reaction than biting and is exhibited as posing a bite. For example, Teeth come in contact with skin but no jaw locks, etc. You should stop what you have been doing at once to protect yourself from a punching bite.

Does not Follow You:

Aggression is also exhibited as a pup’s disobedience and out of control behaviour. The puppy will not listen to you and try to leave the house premises somehow. Sometimes he also starts rejecting the food and toy you give.

How To Manage Aggressive Behavior?

Aggressive behaviour can be managed at home provided the symptom has not come to the extent of biting. Only try to treat if you are confident and don’t have children or the elderly at home. In the case of noncompliance, contact your vet immediately.

Look For The Teething Issue:

Look carefully if your Maltipoo is suffering from a teething issue. Help him with his intense sensations and pain. You should also try to resolve to itch, and the recent urges to chew everything. Help your puppy feel normal. If the problem is not bearable, contact your vet for proper analysis and prescription of some analgesic. The primary step is to address the symptoms of your little friend at this stage to help him stay calm and composed. Otherwise, the reaction may worsen, or even the Maltipoo hurt himself severely.

Proper Hierarchy Should Be Addressed:

Dogs always work under a hierarchy, there is still a king in the den, and all others are equal. The most powerful one is the king. Even if you are feeding the Maltipoo the best food, giving him the most comfortable shelter, and consider him like your child, he never knows the worth of it. You have to instil in him the master role. Whenever he starts thinking of you as an incompetent alpha, he will begin to rebel. We understand you love your pup a lot, but you have to make it clear who is the real master at making him behave properly.

Look into the surrounding:

Look into the surroundings and find something that is frightening for your pup. Sometimes Maltipoos are uneasy with some toys. Moreover, they can also react to new family members. Address the issue adequately and remove the thing that is causing the reaction to calm him down.


Maltipoos are cute little creatures. However, they can react to some condition or thing by extreme behaviours. So, if your Maltipoo is growling, nipping, or trying to bite continuously, do not ignore it. Address his issue correctly. If you can’t figure out contact your vet without any further delay. We have listed the primary symptoms and management strategies to help you with your Maltipoos recent behaviour. Follow them precisely for better results. Share with us if you know some cold methods to calm Maltipoos aggression.