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Are Maltipoos Clingy?

You must have gotten a Maltipoo for its totally lovable personality: friendly, loyal, highly intelligent, and easy-going. However, you may start feeling a bit irritated after spending some time with your baby, as should any other normal fur parent out there.

A lot of questions arise when we talk about Maltipoos’ nature, specifically: Are Maltipoos clingy? The answer is a hard yes. Maltipoos are generally clingy! They are known to be very loyal and owner-oriented pets. Although at times, they tend to overdo it. They want to sit in your lap and cuddle — they will follow you around in every nook of your house as much as you’re not comfortable anymore.

There are several general reasons as to why Maltipoos are clingy. For example, not getting enough attention from you as its owner. Such an attitude might seem simple and cute altogether but you need to note that this can also lead to more separation anxiety, which brings a whole lot of new issues and problems to your plate as an owner. 

Lucky you, this article is a compilation of a Maltipoo’s behavioral features and how you can handle your fur baby at its best, and much more so at its worst.

Maltipoos Cannot Handle Being Ignored

Maltipoos love their owners a lot. Your dog will touch you and it will want to be near you every time — which, honestly, is quite normal for this breed. This friendly feature makes the Maltipoo fascinating for many pet lovers. 

However, this very behavior can turn into being overly clingy in instances that your pet feels insecure or ignored. One important thing you ought to know is that Maltipoos cannot handle being ignored or being left alone at home.

Maltipoo’s Reaction to Boredom

Boredom and ignorance by their owners can play havoc with Maltipoos’ mental health — which will be exhibited a lot in your Maltipoo’s everyday behavior. It will start:

  • being loud with ear-piercing continuous barking,
  • eating anything that comes near,
  • acting frenzy, and/or
  • escaping from your place!

All the signs listed above will indicate that your dog is depressed and beyond normal.

Maltipoo’s Separation Anxiety

Your Maltipoo may have developed separation anxiety if you’re constantly wondering whether or not it’s angry based on the changes in its personality and behavior from the first time you brought it home.

Separation anxiety is one of the common things observed in Maltipoos, especially when they feel neglected and don’t get due attention from their owners. If your dog has grown separation anxiety or is being overly clingy, you don’t have to worry as it’s not a hopeless case yet. There are still several things you can do to revert things back to the way there were before.

What To Do If Your Maltipoo Is Acting Clingy?

The American Kennel Club provided a very good reason as to why your dog is acting overly clingy or has developed separation anxiety — you grew it just like that. 

If you allow your Maltipoo to sleep with you and show positive reinforcement every time it comes to you, you’re developing its habit to stay close. To avoid this from happening (or to correct this habit if it’s already manifesting), you need to do proper behavioral training for your puppy.

Some Tips to Effectively Train Your Puppy

Here are some quick tips you can follow to do proper behavioral training of your puppy and help him leave his bad habits:

1. Provide a good amount of space to roam freely

Never crate you Maltipoo. It wasn’t born to be just confined. So, mind it!

2. Experiment with lights coming inside

Some pups find it exciting and are freshen up by a leak of sunlight. Some others are depressed by it. We suggest for you to experiment and see what’s better for your pup!

3. Arrange some indoor games and activities

If your Maltipoo is following you a lot and feels very excited near you, most probably it’s bored and looking for entertainment. The best way to address is to provide some fun that it can be busy with!

4. Always leave your lights on when leaving 

Leave your lights open when leaving Maltipoo alone in the house even in the day. If the clouds cover up the sky, then the darkness inside the house can make it afraid. It will also start being more clingy to get good protection from you as a human shield.

5. Get him properly examined by a veterinarian 

If your Maltipoo started being too clingy lately, he can have a medical problem. Get him properly examined by a veterinarian and get a recommendation.

6. Follow a routine

If you have moved into a new place lately, your pup can become excessively clingy. You can help it pick among the things from your previous place and follow a routine similar to your previous one.

7. Spend time with your puppy

If you’re working full-time and can’t spend much time with your Maltipoo, try to take it for a walk and opt for different routes daily. You can also engage it with you while managing your house chores. You should spend as much time together as possible!

8. Add some mental stimulation 

You can effectively do this by making your dog play some nose games. Hide some stuff anywhere in the house and make it do the search. You can also play games such as “guess which hand” stuff.

9. Make your puppy play some tug of war

If you don’t have a tug toy for your Maltipoo, play with an old T-shirt. Tug games help both mental and physical stimulation. It will not only help to end your pet’s boredom and its clinginess but it’ll also make your dog stronger physically.

10. Give your Maltipoo some time alone

When your Maltipoo is starving for your attention all the time, the best therapy is giving it some alone time and letting it survive on its own — for just a while. Make sure your dog has everything it needs to eat and play to be fully preoccupied. It will not ruin your dog’s habits, but will actually help in making it do better.

11. Provide your puppy with enough toys

Maltipoo — like any other dogs for the matter — loves cuddle toys and some others to play with. Ensure to have them all for your fur baby!


Your Maltipoo can end up being overly clingy or develop separation anxiety if it doesn’t get due attention or if it feels continuously bored. These behavioral changes in your pup can make it agitated to the extent that it will develop aggressive behavior. 

So, if you notice over clinginess in your Maltipoo, you should work to provide it with so many things to fill its time duly. Always look for the reason, and be sure to provide it with alternatives. Eventually, your pup will end up being the best out there!