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Are Maltipoos Lap Dogs?

Maltipoos are one of the most demanded dogs in the world. We all love to have a pet, of course, a dog, in our home. But the main issue that would have probably been raised would be the place to keep the dog. Most dogs bought for the security of the house are so huge in size that you cannot keep them inside the house with you. They are terrifying at the same time. So, many people feel that it is useless to keep a dog when you cannot play with it.

Unlike these terrifying dogs, Maltipoos are cute little dogs, and that is the main reason for so much attention they have gained over the past many years. Maltipoos are a crossbreed of Maltese and Poodle, as both of them are small in size, Maltipoos have been gifted in their genes.

What is the average size of a Maltipoo?

The size of the Maltipoo will vary in significant generations as they are a crossbreed of Maltese and Poodle. However, the average growing size of a Maltipoo will range from 8 to 14 inches tall. Very tiny, right? That’s what makes them a must-have dog in any house. You won’t require a separate large place in the house to keep them. They are so small that they can get into compact places as well.

How much does a Maltipoo weigh?

As Maltipoos are small in size, they won’t weigh much. Just like the size of the Maltipoo will vary from generation to generation, so will the weight. The average weight of a Maltipoo will be between 5 pounds to 20 pounds. A new-born Maltipoo will weigh much less, and holding them will make you feel you are holding a tissue paper, as they have almost no weight due to their small size. However, an adult Maltipoo will weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. Most of the Maltipoos have their weight in this range but it can vary depending on the diet of the Maltipoo.

Is a Maltipoo not aggressive like other dogs?

No aggression generally refers to the term that the dogs are not hunters, and they won’t cause damage. Of course, Maltipoos bark like other dogs, but they do not bark much. They are friendly and fun-loving in nature. That’s the reason that people usually like them in their houses.

Are Maltipoos Lap Dogs?

After reading the above information, you would have figured out the answer to this question yourself. You’re right, Maltipoos are lap dogs. Lap dogs are actually those dogs that have a small size so they can easily come in the lap, and also, they have no aggression so they can create a friendly environment in the house.

Maltipoos are neither aggressive nor bulky. That makes them the perfect lap dogs. Both Maltese and Poodle dogs are loyal and friendly, this quality comes into the Maltipoos as well. They love to sit with people and create a friendly environment in the house. Their affectionate nature and small size will make them the favorite pet of kids. If you live alone, a Maltipoo will be your perfect partner.

As they are small in size and lightweight, they are easy to carry. You can easily take them with you on a vacation as they are so tiny to get into a purse as well. Your Maltipoo will always love to get into your lap as they like being surrounded by people. Also, loyalty in their nature allows them to never hurt or bite you. As they also don’t bark louder, they will create a good environment in the house.


Having a Maltipoo in your house will always create a friendly and loyal environment that we all want. Due to their small size and cuteness, they will become the favorite of every family member. As they are tiny and not aggressive, they make themselves the perfect lap dogs. They will also love to get cuddled and loved. If you’re living alone, a Maltipoo will always keep you happy and active due to its amusing and entertaining personality.