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Best Maltipoo Breeders in Los Angeles

Maltipoos are known to be the best home pets due to their playful nature and smart personality.

As Maltipoos are a cross-breed of the Maltese and Poodle, you can only buy them from professional breeders who take care of the puppies and sell them to customers.

So, they can be the perfect addition to any family as they quickly attract the attention of the whole family.

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a reliable Maltipoo breeder, we have your problem solved!

After a lot of research, we have compiled a list of the best Maltipoo breeders in Los Angeles. If you are looking for trustworthy breeders to buy a puppy, you can rely on them.

1.   Puppy R Us:

Sonny and Amy Smith are the owners of Puppy R Us. They are one of the most famous Maltipoo breeders in Los Angeles.

They have a whole team of breeders, which contain responsible and hardworking members. The team makes sure to train the puppies perfectly and provides a friendly environment to stay happy and healthy.

Puppy R Us provides a health guarantee to customers under specific conditions. They also provide some useful tips at the time of purchase that can help new owners cope with the pet.

The best part is that they deliver puppies to many areas, either through air or ground. However, the seller is responsible for all the delivery arrangements and their charges. The company makes sure that you receive your Maltipoo safely.

Contact information:


Phone: (844) 733-7877

You can also email them through the website.

2.   Princess Pet:

A family runs Princess Pet, and this business has been established for 20 years. Therefore, the family is highly professional and takes good care of the pets.

You can find many teacup puppies here, the most common being the Maltipoo. The breeders claim to provide 24/7 care to the puppies and their parents.

You can also find many pictures of the family and their friends with the puppies they raise, showing the affection and love they have for their pets.

The breeders make sure to provide all the information when buying the Maltipoo clearly. Also, they recommend having a vet or pet groomer for the dog.

The good thing is that they offer pickup as well as delivery of the puppies. You will also be interviewed at the time of purchase, where the owners will ask you questions related to the dog.

These home raised puppies will be the perfect addition to your family.

Contact information:


Phone: 310-651-1219

3.   Puppy Heaven:

Puppy Heaven consists of a team of hardworking and humble Maltipoo breeders who have been breeding small puppies for many years. They have gained much fame as the best breeders in Los Angeles since 2004, as they have also provided many teacup puppies to celebrities.

The breeders claim that their puppies pass a full check-up from a vet, so you always get a healthy puppy.

The best part, you can also get a puppy on order! If it’s not available, Puppy Heaven will bring it for you in no time!

Besides, they ship puppies nationwide, either by air or hand delivery. Both types of deliveries have different costs that the buyers have to pay.

They also have their own blog where the buyers can head to if they want any help. The blog has several useful tips and tricks for new Maltipoo owners.

Contact information:


Call: (855)997-8779

Text: (702)344-6886


4.   Rays Maltipoo Puppies:

Rays Maltipoo Puppies is run by Marlene, the owner of the company. She lives in a small farm with her husband and breeds Maltipoo puppies to sell them. Their website also contains a lot of positive reviews from different customers who were satisfied with their purchases.

We like the cute Maltipoo puppy’s pictures that immediately pop up when you open the website. They also provide complete information, including the dog’s name, sex, breed, age, and vaccination.

Luckily, they have already vaccinated all the Maltipoos before selling them. All their puppies have also passed an aptitude test that confirms that the dog is active and healthy. It also helps new dog owners in understanding the needs of their Maltipoo.

Contact information:


You can contact them from the official website.

Choosing Where to Go

Whenever you want to buy a Maltipoo, getting it from a trusted dog breeder is very important. The list contains some of the famous Maltipoo breeders in Los Angeles, so you can get away with the hassle of finding one.

Many clients trust these breeders as they raise healthy and active Maltipoos and take care of them so that you can get the best puppy!

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