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Can I Use Baby Shampoo on my Puppy?

When bathing your dog, we have to make sure that its hair is clean and free from dirt and bacteria. It was very difficult for owners to clean massive bacteria and dirt buildup from their dog’s coat, so shampoos and conditioners were introduced to provide ease with the bathing process. No doubt, they have done their job very well and are used by a majority of dog owners.

Dogs also enjoy a fun bath with the smooth massage of shampoo on their hair. However, human shampoos are totally different from dog shampoos. Bathing your dog once a month to keep it clean and healthy is the best. But why can’t we use human shampoos on our dogs? Is baby shampoo safe for dogs and puppies? Let’s find out.

Is Baby Shampoo safe for my dog?

You would have probably heard from many dog owners that they use baby shampoo while bathing their dogs. You would also be figuring out whether to use it on your dog or not.

The answer is: yes! You can use baby shampoo on your dog. Unlike other regular shampoos that can disturb the pH and lead to other possible consequences, baby shampoos are actually safe and fine to use. In fact, as compared to other shampoos, it is the safest option.

Is it safe to use Baby Shampoo on my puppy?

Of course! If your puppy has healthy skin and fur, baby shampoo is completely safe to use on it. However, it will be safe only if you bathe your puppy after every 4-8 weeks. Bathing too much is not good and can damage the puppy’s skin and coat.

When considering human shampoos, baby shampoo is the only safer alternative. Dog shampoos are safe as they are made with special preferences that won’t damage the coat. Baby shampoo, unlike regular shampoos, is free from harmful chemicals as it is made for sensitive skin. It is a very mild shampoo and leaves the skin with everything it needs to have a protective barrier.

 Why are regular shampoos not safe for my dog?

Except for baby shampoo, human shampoos could be the worst thing you can ever use on your dog. These shampoos have moisturizers and replace the much-needed protective layer and scrub it away. Both humans and dogs have a protective barrier, called the acid mantle, which protects them from viruses, bacteria, and infection. This barrier goes hand in hand with using human shampoo.

If you use human shampoo, the acid mantle on the dog will be scrubbed away, and microorganisms will be left. It will result in the dog’s skin is itchy, highly irritated, and even worse, it will start peeling off. Your dog’s skin will also become prone to serious skin infections and cause discomfort.

The main point that makes human shampoos unsuitable on dogs is the difference between the pH levels. The regular pH of dog’s skin ranges from 5.5 to 7.5, while that of human skin is between 5.2 and 6.2. However, the regular pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.

In the pH scale, the levels above 6.4 are highly alkaline, while those below 6.4 are highly acidic. The pH of the human skin, ranging between 5.2 and 6.2, is considered to be on the side of being acidic. Therefore, human shampoos are formulated, keeping this balance in mind.

Due to this difference of pH levels, using human shampoos on a dog who does not have the same pH level can be highly devastating and can cause severe allergies and infections on the skin. The dog’s skin will become highly sensitive and will take time to heal.

Therefore, you should never use human shampoo on your dog as it will destroy the acid mantle, making your dog prone to severe allergies and infections. The dog will scratch its skin more often, and bacteria will keep entering. An unpleasant smell will come from your dog due to the bacteria, and you will keep bathing it, again and again, worsening the damage. As puppies have a more delicate skin than older dogs, human shampoo on the puppy can destroy its skin beyond measure!

Are all baby shampoos good for puppies?

Many brands manufacture baby shampoos, and we cannot say that all of them are safe because they contain different levels of ingredients. However, you can decide which one is best for your dog! You should opt for unscented and clear shampoo as these additives can harm the puppy’s skin.

Also, baby shampoos are less expensive than human shampoos, then why not use them instead of human shampoos?

The fact is that you should always use dog shampoos as they are carefully made to balance the pH level of the dog’s skin. Although they might be expensive, they are the safest option to use when it comes to your dog’s skin.

An Alternative

Baby shampoos are a safer alternative for both dogs and puppies. However, you should always opt for dog shampoos as they balance the pH level of the skin and prove to be harmless. Baby shampoos, while being inexpensive, should be bought with care as many brands add fragrance and color, which can be harmful. 

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