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Can you Breed Two Maltipoos?

As Maltipoo is a crossbreed, many breeders wonder how their generation proceeds and whether or not you can breed them with others.

A Maltipoo is indeed born as a result of a crossbreed between a Maltese and a Poodle. Both the breeds include small-sized teacup puppies, smart and intelligent, and friendly and playful.

So, their cross results in a smart, intelligent, and playful teacup sized puppy called a Maltipoo.

But can you breed two Maltipoos? What is the result? Let’s find out.

small dogs together

Can any two Maltipoos be bred?

The nature of hybrid breeds is a bit different. That’s why most breeders face difficulty while breeding the Maltipoos.

As you can crossbreed a Maltese and Poodle, a Maltipoo can also be bred with a Maltipoo. The offspring will have very similar characters to the parents.

Types of breeding?

There are two types of breeding methods that result in a Maltipoo.

  • Maltese to Poodle.
  • Maltipoo to Maltipoo.

Here, we are going to discuss both the methods and their consequences.

Maltese to Poodle:

Most commonly, a crossbreed between a Maltese and Poodle is carried to obtain offspring called Maltipoos. They are called first-generation puppies.

Due to this reason, they are called a ‘’hybrid breed’’ or ‘’designer dog’’. Many groups are trying getting the Maltipoo accepted into the AKC as a purebred dog instead of the hybrid breed. It is because sometimes the offspring carries more genetic similarities of one breed.

This crossbreed has resulted in Maltipoos which differ in size, color, behavior, and temperament.

On the other hand, it has many benefits as well. The crossbreed of a toy Poodle with a toy Maltese reduces diseases and results in healthy puppies.

Secondly, crossing two different breeds is less time-taking, and these Maltipoos are also less expensive.

Maltipoo to Maltipoo:

Another method of obtaining a Maltipoo puppy is to crossbreed two parent Maltipoos. Of course, this will result in a Maltipoo with similar characters to the parents. These puppies are called the F2 generation. If this type continues, it will result in 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation, and so on.

The most significant advantage of this breeding is that the offspring will exactly look like the parents. However, both the parents must have similar characters as well.

If one parent has more characters leaning towards the Maltese, the offspring might not carry the pure Maltipoo’s exact characters.

Consequently, this type of breeding has its own cons as well.

The breeders have to wait for a long time for two Maltipoos to grow into adults to be eligible for mating. This requires extra care, time, and results in increased cost of the puppy Maltipoo.

Similarly, if any of the two parents is carrying a genetic disease, it will be transferred to the offspring. So, special care is required to obtain healthy and active pups.

Do they have to be the first generation?

Maltipoo breeding is very tricky for breeders.

You can breed two Maltipoos to get a 2nd generation Maltipoo. A 3rd generation Maltipoo is also possible, but its parents need to be directly crossbred from a Maltese and Poodle.

If you breed a 2nd generation Maltipoo with a 2nd generation Maltipoo, the resulting offspring will be 3rd generation Maltipoo. However, to obtain this 3rd generation, the 2nd generation Maltipoos must be bred from the 1st generation, i.e. Maltese to Poodle.

Although it seems confusing, this is the nature of designer breeds.

Things you should know

  • When breeding a Maltese and a Poodle dog, only the ‘toy’ is used. Many breeders try to convince you that it does not matter, but it does. The toy Poodle and Maltese can only produce a Maltipoo with familiar characters. So, you should never get fooled this way.
  • The Maltipoo obtained from a Poodle and Maltese are ‘’true Maltipoos’’, called the first generation. If you crossbreed two Maltipoos, they will be called the second generation and so on.
  • A Maltipoo can only come from a Maltese and Poodle. No other breed can enter the process. For example, a cross between a Maltese and a cockapoo will not result in a Maltipoo.
  • Only the cross between a Maltese and Poodle will result in 1st generation puppies. If you cross two Maltipoos, their offspring will not be 1st generation, but 2nd.


Maltipoos are very smart and loving puppies. However, their breeding needs to be done very carefully. Some breeders may cross a Maltese dog with some other one instead of a Poodle. Those puppies won’t be called a Maltipoo, so you should stay away from scams.

Maltipoo breeding is of two types. Both are performed, but they have their own pros and cons.