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Can You Leave A Maltipoo Alone While At Work?

Maltipoos are cute little creatures. These lap dogs love to play and enjoy the company of their human friend. These are more like social pets who can go into extreme stage depression when observing ignorance by you. You must be heartbroken to know that your cute little friend is dying to gain your attention. He works continuously to engage you with a fear of losing you for good. However, we all have to go to work, and our workplaces do not allow any pets. So, what should we do in this case? For how long we can keep our Maltipoo alone at home. What should we do to prevent developing separation anxiety in them?

All these questions pop up in the mind of every Maltipoo owner who has to leave their friend alone. We are here to end your worries and satisfy you with reasonable solutions. These will help you in your pup’s positive upbringing leaving you, stress-free at your work.

How long can you leave a Maltipoo alone?

You can leave an adult Maltipoo alone at home for specific times, provided they have adequate food, water, and playing objects. Maltipoos are companion dogs and are prone to develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long. You can go to work for six to eight hours after properly managing the needs of your pup. Some people hire someone to stop at midday and bring their pooch for a walk and to potty. However, if your Maltipoo is housebroken adequately, he can easily spend 6-8 hours straight all alone in a place. However, too frequent or not giving due attention even after returning home can be dangerous for his health.

At Which Age, a Maltipoo is Good Enough to Be Left Alone?

A right housebroken adult Maltipoo can be left alone for long hours. However, we advise you not to leave a very young pup for less than 8 months. At this age, the dog is too young to understand anything and needs his human friend to support him most of the time. Moreover, he needs to go potty every 2-3 hours. So, you can never feel at ease after leaving your little dog in trouble. It is reported that smaller pups usually growl a lot and tend to go into separation anxiety a lot quicker than the adult ones.

Tips When You Have To Leave Your Dog Alone:

Give Him Toys:

Choose the right toy for your pup. Always choose the best quality toys as the puppy is supposed to chew them, directly affecting your Maltipoos health. The quality should ensure a strength that no piece breaks off when you will not help. Moreover, good toys are vital in helping your Maltipoo spend his time alone at home and cope with unbearable separation anxiety. With good toys, your Maltipoo will feel safe and not so isolated when you are not there. Following are the things you should look into a toy:

Independent play toys:

Go for the toys that induce independent playing. This will engage your pup better, and your Maltipoo will be self-sufficient and can spend quality time alone.

Vibrant Colors:

Always go for vibrant color toys to catch the attention of your pup. Puppies are much attracted to bright color toys and cannot resist them.


Choose toys of different textures. Multiple texture toys can entice their imagination and provoke the Maltipoo to look into it more and more.

The tease of the treat:

The best quality toys are those that give some reward after investing in some effort. These are the most engaging toys for the dogs, and they can play hours with them without getting bored.

Offer Comfort:

Many Maltipoos love toys that offer an adequate level of comfort when their human owner is not there. Most of them love to play with good-sized stuffed toys. These soft toys radiate a very soothing, joyous, and peaceful vibe. Stuffed toys also help a lot if you need to leave a young puppy alone. Puppies usually start to adopt the toy and consider it as a mothering source.

Choose Between crates, gates, or playpens:

When you are thinking of leaving your pup all alone in the room, he can automatically develop a feeling of isolation. One factor that makes the dog owner this place without any trouble, and with his natural instincts is a den. Yeah, you got it right. It is all canines’ instincts to feel good in a cave. An excellent personal area can automatically create a feeling of security. He can relax with all his stuff in your absence.

Crates Can Be An Option:

Lazy Maltipoo owner often looks for crates, kennels, or carriers. However, it is never the right choice. The idea is to make a place in which your puppy can feel relax and comfortable. However, crates are too small and terribly stifling, and Maltipoos are usually claustrophobic. Therefore, crates potentiate the worst situation.

Gates Are Better Choice:

For some owners, gates work best. However, they never work for younger pups and for those who are not appropriately housebroken. Moreover, suppose your dog already suffers with separation anxiety or chew on the things he encounters. In that case, gates instantly can become a complete no. For fully Potty trained adult pups, gating of a room can work best.

Playpens Are The Best Of All:

Playpens are heavens to any Maltipoos imagination. They are never restricting and not overly oppressive. Playpens ensure that the puppy’s side keeps all the necessities in one place and is easy to access.

A Luxurious Canine Bed Will Do The Magic:

You can go for a pen to provide your Maltipoo a den to retreat and rest while you are not in there. However, your pup needs a good quality canine bed where he can sleep at night and rest for a while. Maltipoos are very sensitive and are prone to some severe injuries. The wear and tears on the body due to your pup lying on the floor will become completely unacceptable for you. The problem can show its horrible face in the form of joint pain. Bolstered beds offer a paddled wall to curl up. However, if your Maltipoo loves stretching out more, a flat mattress will do the work. Always buy a quality bed to ensure the best health of your pup.

Pee pads are necessary:

Even if your Maltipoos are fully Potty trained, a peed pad is always necessary when you are not there. The physical limitations can initiate an involuntary action that can mess up anyplace, including the dog’s own pen. You do not want to leave your pup in the dirt, right. Go and invest few bucks in pee pads. You will never regret it.


Maltipoos are very friendly and cute. However, sometimes they can pose a big problem for their owner and become clingy. This hybrid breed is a lot of social because it can develop severe depression and separation anxiety when left alone. However, we all need to go to work, and other places and can’t take this little one everywhere with us. Their sad faces will also make you gloomy all the time you are out. To help manage this problem, we suggested some handy tips all Maltipoo owners need to follow. Share with us if you have some other cool tips you followed to engage your pup while you are not there.