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Can you Use Baby Oil on a Dog? – Is it Safe?

Owners are always worried about the health and nourishment of their dogs. Dogs give so much loyalty and care and deserve the same in return.

Dog owners are always worried about their pet’s health. However, it’s not anything unusual that your dog’s skin texture might change with the change of weather. Are you upset about your dog’s dry hair in the winter season?

You might have thought of using baby oil on your dog’s hair to keep it moisturized. But is it safe to use baby oil or baby products on your dog? Let’s find out.

Can I use baby oil on my dog?

Baby oil is a better alternative to expensive conditioning oil supplements. If your dog has dry and itchy skin, particularly in the winter, using baby oil is safe.

Baby oil was made specifically for babies and kids, and so, it has passed all the safety standards to ensure that it is chemical-free and safe. So, you can opt for baby oil instead of expensive conditioners to reduce your dog’s hair fall and dryness.

However, the key to using baby oil is to achieve your desired goal and not pose a serious skin infection by using excessive oil. It is best to consult your vet for such remedies before their use.

What is the best way of applying baby oil on the dog’s hair?

As baby oil is free from harmful chemicals, it is the best way to reduce dryness and treat hair fall problems.

Some dogs have very sensitive skin, and they are more prone to serious infections by the use of any product. However, baby oil is the safest option among all the products for sensitive skin.

If you are applying baby oil on your dog’s skin or fur, here are a few simple steps you should follow.

·         When using baby oil for the first time, begin with a little quantity. Take small drops of baby oil on your hand and apply it on your dog’s skin.

·         Gently massage it with soft hands on a skin area and check either it’s itchy or not.

·         If it is for the first time, leave the oil on the dog’s skin for one day.

·         After a day or two, bathe your dog with a mild shampoo to remove the oil.

·         Your dog will get shiny and soft hair without any allergies or side effects.

What about post-oil brushing?

Baby oil is very effective in loosening dead skin. After an hour or two of applying baby oil, gently brush your dog’s hair with a comb.

The skin may look reddish or pink where the dead skin sloughs off, but don’t worry about that. It will make the process more effective and will remove the excess oil as well.

A benefit of the regular brushing is that it stimulates your dog’s natural oil production, which is effective in preventing dry skin.

Things to consider Before Putting Baby Oil On Your Dog

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before applying baby oil on your dog. Before putting the oil, you should keep the following points in mind:

·        Skin type:

It is never a good idea to directly apply products without analyzing the type of skin your dog has. Instead of treating the problem, such carelessness can trigger severe allergic reactions. So, you should always consider your dog’s skin before applying any product.

·        Applying baby oil:

If you are using baby oil for the first time on your dog, always start with a little amount. Then, leave it for a day or two and check signs of allergies or irritations. If the product goes well on your dog’s skin, you can apply more and gently massage. It will give better results without any allergies or side effects.

·        Ingredients used:

Although baby oils are chemical-free, some companies still use artificial color and fragrances. These won’t harm humans, but they can worsen your dog’s skin. So, always consider the ingredients before buying baby oil.

What is the downside of baby oil?

Baby oil is an effective moisturizer for your dog’s skin. However, it can be a bit messy. If your dog frequently plays outside, the debris and mud can stick to the dog’s hair with oil on it and will be difficult to remove.

On the other hand, if your dog stays inside, it can transfer the oil to the carpet, furniture, and bedsheet, making them look greasy.

So, it can be a better choice of using a less greasy canine skin conditioner or ask your vet for oil supplements in capsule form.


Baby oil is safe to use if your dog has dry and scaly skin. However, analyzing the reason for this skin type is essential before using any product. Sometimes, dry skin might be caused by allergies. At other times, it may be due to lice and fleas.

Although baby oil is a cheap alternative, asking your vet and looking for better canine skin conditioners is better.

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