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The 8 Dog Breeds that Don’t Smell

Did you know some dog breeds that don’t smell at all? Yes, it’s true! Almost all owners want to keep the stinky smell of their dogs away from their houses. As much as you want to keep a pet, its stinky smell is always disgusting. If you want an odorless dog as a pet...

Dogs with Long Ears ????????

Many dog breeds are substantially different from others. One of the physical characters that differentiate the dog breeds is its ear. Although all dogs have ears, only a small fraction of them are blessed with long ears. Long-eared dogs mostly look like they want a...

What is a Male Dog Called?

Why are Male and Female dogs given different names? Just like humans, all animal species are given specific names to differentiate them from others. Both male and female species are better to be given different names to make them easy to recognize. Unlike humans, the...

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