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Common Maltipoo Health Issues

Maltipoos are regarded as the best home because they are not dangerous and are smart dogs. However, keeping a pet always require proper care so that your pet is less likely to cause infections or get diseases. Maltipoos are smart dogs and do not require extra care, they like to keep themselves clean. To keep your Maltipoo clean and healthy, routine care should be provided like bathing, brushing, getting them a haircut, and cutting their nails. This care will help your Maltipoo to look clean and stay healthy as well.

Do Maltipoos face health issues?

If care is not taken, of course, it will start having health issues. Although a bath and haircut are not needed weekly, still, if your Maltipoo gets dirty and it is not given a bath, it will result not only in the loss of health of the dog but the infection can also be spread to the family members. Some other diseases and health issues might be caused due to prolonged periods of loneliness or seasonal infections. They can be avoided by taking the Maltipoo to a vet or taking care of the dog through medication.

What kind of health issues do Maltipoos face?

Despite proper care, Maltipoos can face health problems. However, most of the problems are due to their small size. They are delicate and can face health issues like other dogs of its type. The following are the health problems commonly faced by Maltipoos, but all of them are manageable.

1. Dental issues:

Although Maltipoos have tiny teeth, they are likely to get infections and these infections cause rapid decay of the teeth. Some of the owners feed wet food to the dog that is the main cause of dental problems. To avoid this, it is better to feed dry food to the Maltipoo or visit a vet if the condition gets severe. If you ensure proper dental care regularly, your Maltipoo can be safe from these problems. Also, try getting your Maltipoo used to brush teeth when it is young.

2. Allergies:

Maltipoos are hypoallergenic as they do not shed. Even if the owner does not get the infection from the dog, the Maltipoo itself can develop infections on the skin that make it uncomfortable and changes its behavior.

The most common causes of these skin allergies are dry skin, shampoos, and coat sprays. Bathing your Maltipoo more than recommended can also make the skin dry and cause irritation. The redness, irritation, and crusts are the common signs of allergies. Try using shampoos and sprays that suit your Maltipoo.

3. Seizures and Epilepsy:

Maltipoos can also get seizures and epilepsy and this can be known through their behavior. This condition usually develops when the Maltipoo is young. If your dog is showing strange symptoms like staring into space, drooling, unconsciousness, a bewildered look, etc. you should take it to the vet. These are common problems and can be treated with medication.

4. White Shaker Syndrome:

This condition occurs with white dogs. Maltipoos with this health issue have tremors throughout the entire body. It usually occurs when the Maltipoo is six months to three years of age. It is a genetic problem but can also be caused by environmental conditions. This disease also results in a lack of coordination in the whole body.

If your Maltipoos faces this problem, take it to the vet, and ensure proper medication to overcome this health issue.

5. Progressive Retinal Atrophy:

This is a very serious and common health problem. Its early symptoms include weak eyesight of the dog. It can progress and result in complete loss of eyesight. The eyes of the Maltipoo will degenerate and it will go blind. There is no cure for this disease at the moment. However, if you want to keep your Maltipoo safe from it, make sure that its diet contains vitamins and antioxidants that will promote a healthy retina.

6. Collapsed Trachea:

This health problem is caused when the cartilage rings of the trachea collapse inward. This is a very upsetting condition not only for the dog but also for the owner. It causes severe pain and discomfort. The major problem of this disease is that the Maltipoo faces breathing difficulties.

This is a common disease in Maltipoos and can be cured by taking it to the vet. You should ensure proper medication and exercises to make your dog recover quickly. Also, using a harness instead of a collar will prove better.


These are the common health problems faced by Maltipoos but they can be cured easily. To avoid these problems, it is better to have a checkup of the dog and if any disease is detected, ensure proper medication so that your Maltipoo can recover from it. Also, before buying a Maltipoo, make sure that the dog has health clearance, especially if you’re buying one for breeding purposes.