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Do Dogs Have a Favorite Person?

Dogs are one of the best friends of humans. Everyone wants their pet to love them most of all. However, of all the people in the family, they are usually attracted to one of the people. It is all about the positive attitude, attention, personality and socialization. It does not depend on who feeds them but on which provides the most comfort zone. Dogs are habitual of living in packs in wild. So, it runs in its genes to determine the one in the pack its leader. So, when you are marked as a leader you are its favourite person.

Now, you must want to know that if it is possible to change the mind of your little friend to attract it towards you. Do they really have only a single person as there favourite? And what are the characteristics that make the person as their favourite? So, let us get into the nitty-gritty details of becoming the most favourite person of your best friend.

Can A Dog Bond With Two Owners And Like Them Equally?

Sometimes you have a situation at your home when you are perplexed. Your own dog which you feed and take care daily is more attracted to another member of your family. Like if you both are standing in the same room, it will run towards that person except jumping on you in excitement. You wonder why your dog likes the other person more. Or if it can like both the persons equally?

So, here is the answer. It is possible for the dog to like both of the people equally. You may expect your dog as a child inclining its affection to the one having more comfortable nature. It is like making sure you spend the most time in front of it. The more the person is engaged with the dog the more it will be attracted to him in usual life.

Understand the fact that animals run after instincts. They do have some emotional connection but not a very well defined one. They run after the instincts. Dogs will automatically be attracted to the one fulfilling their needs. It will madly run to you if you offer its favourite treat when it meets you or takes it outside usually. Moreover, the person who plays with the dog usually and gives him more boost is more loved by the dog.

So, now you know. If both the person love and engage in equal time with their pet, they will get a similar response. In the other way round, the more the person is busier the more the dog will draw away its attention.

How Your Dog select its favourite?

Everyone loves to become the most favourite person in its dog. So, if you are keen to know which factors determine this favouritism factor by the dog, consider the following factors.

The One Who Establish the Rule:

Every time we get to think that the person who spends most of the time with the pet is on the priority list of the dog. However, this is not always the case. Dogs love their leaders. The one who can protect them and maintain their supremacy. So, the person who can mark its supremacy in front of the dog is its favourite person. It will obey its command and run after him.

The One Who Is With Puppy:

Until six months of age, the person who is most close to the dog and who took care of it becomes its favourite. This companionship between the dogs and humans can be formed irrespective of age, breed and gender. You must be surprised to know that if your dog sleeps and plays a lot with your 3 years old child the whole day it will form a much stronger bond with it than you. It will develop a feeling in it that it is their safe spot. The case is resonated when the dogs are adopted, rescued or brought from an animal shelter.

Physical Affection:

Physical affection is a game-changer in most of the cases. So, if you are positive in all the things but lack physical affection it can turn to the one giving it the most. So, giving plenty of love, massages, grooming sessions and spending one on one time every day really strengthen the bond. You can say that the dog perceives it as a single person a source of all the good things that rise its adrenaline. Bonding and chemistry go hand in hand. So, if your movements, voice, and demeanour make your dog feel at ease and concord with its natural body, your dog is best bonded to you. Dog’s associate and detect a negative feeling readily. So, they will stand-offish and start getting reluctant towards you. The same goes when you get busier and can’t spend time with that much warmth.

Attention (and affection) increases the bond

Now, you must already know that your dog’s favourite is the one who is not the one who is the primary caregiver. The dog tends to go closer to the person that gives it the most attention. It will prefer a person who fills its bowl every morning and takes it for a walk every evening. So, your dog will backflips when he sees such a person. Same goes for humans, right.

How to become your dog’s favourite?

Dog’s affection can change with time. So, if you are not its very favourite currently, don’t despair. You can easily improve your bond with your friend within days. However, all it needs consistency and due attention. Here are a few things you can consider for your pup:

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes with your dogs one to one. Do not take it outside in this time. Ensure it is attended completely towards you. Do not switch on the TV meanwhile or go to the yard. The idea is avoiding distractions and drawing its attention towards you.
  2. You can play hide and seek occasionally. It is the best way to draw its attention towards you.
  3. Enrol for a training session so you can polish its skills and reinforce the older ones.
  4. You can also play some high physical activities like flyball or agility.
  5. Give delicious treats to your pup every time it comes to you. Integrate eye contact to reinforce the bond between your mealtime.
  6. Massage is great. Give your dog a luxurious massage occasionally.


Dogs love the person who takes care of them and treats them well. Moreover, if the find themselves safe in front of you and enjoy your company, they will automatically be drawn towards you. Take good care of your pup, ensure a positive response every time and respect their personality. It will then reward you with their exemplary faithfulness and love for the whole life. After all, no one is more faithful to their owners except dogs, right.