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Do Maltipoo dogs bite?

Maltipoos are fun-loving dogs and have an affectionate nature. Their small size and cuteness make them the center of attention in the house. They are smart dogs and have a playful nature. Maltipoos love to be surrounded by people and like to be held and cuddled. All these things make them the best home pets. Therefore, if you want a pet to play with and to accompany you, a Maltipoo will be the best choice.

Are Maltipoos aggressive?

Aggression is the most serious issues faced by dogs of all breeds. Fortunately, Maltipoos do not have temperament issues and they are not aggressive. They are lap dogs, meaning that they are small enough to come into the lap and don’t have aggressive behavior.

As Maltipoos are not aggressive, people love them to keep as pets. Their playful nature makes them cute and everyone loves to cuddle and hold them. They also love these small gestures of love. However, certain cases might cause a Maltipoo to get aggressive and cause changes in their behavior.

Do Maltipoo dogs bite?

Maltipoos are genuinely loyal, active, and gentle dogs. They do bite like other dogs but that biting or nipping is not to harm anyone. As they have small teeth, even if they bite, it is less likely to cause an injury. Maltipoos have a tendency to nip, chew, and play-bite. If your Maltipoo is biting you, it is a sign that it wants to play with you. However, it is not a sign of any kind of aggressive behavior.

Maltipoo puppies are playful and their bite does not hurt at all. They just want your attention so you could play with it. Also, your Maltipoo might become too excited while playing with you and it can lead to an unintended bite. Although the biting of Maltipoo is not a sign of harm, you should train your Maltipoo to stop biting and teach them to have a good attitude.

What causes a Maltipoo dog to bite?

Maltipoos bite when they want to play with you, but that’s not the case always. In fact, you should train your Maltipoo so it does not bite. Even if it does so, there might be a specific reason behind it.

For puppies under 6 months of age, teething can be the reason for the biting of the Maltipoo. The falling and growing teeth make the Maltipoo uncomfortable and it can only be overcome by chewing or nibbling on something. To do this, your Maltipoo can also bite your foot.

Another reason for a Maltipoo biting can also be a disease or allergy. This can cause the Maltipoo to get aggressive and start biting, to overcome the pain and discomfort. Also, leaving the Maltipoo alone frequently for long periods can be the cause of changed behavior and biting.

How do I stop my Maltipoo from biting?

You need to train your Maltipoo to avoid it from biting. First of all, if the excessive biting and aggression are due to any health issue or anxiety, you need to solve it by taking the Maltipoo to the vet. After that, you can follow the below steps to train your Maltipoo.

·        Make it feel like the biting hurts:

Maltipoos are loyal and caring dogs. They do not want to hurt anyone. Their biting is not with the intention of hurting or harming anyone, it’s only a sign that it wants to play. If you want to stop your Maltipoo from biting you, act like its biting is hurting you. Yelping after the dog bites may make it feel that. It will feel embarrassed and not bite you anymore.

·        Keep the Maltipoo busy:

Maltipoos are playful and active dogs, especially when young. They need to drain this energy and do so by biting you and convincing you to play with them. One way to avoid it from biting is to keep it busy in other activities or make it exercise. Make sure to not exercise too much when the Maltipoo is young.

You can also avoid its biting by putting toys near them. The Maltipoo will be busy playing with them and will also have something to nibble.

·        Teach some commands:

To stop the Maltipoo from biting, basic manners are necessary. You should train them by teaching some common commands like ‘’sit’’, ‘’leave it’’. ‘’stop’’, and ‘’go’’. The Maltipoo will know that it has to follow your directions and won’t bite again once you stop it.

Concluding Thought

Maltipoos are active and playful dogs and unlike other dogs, their biting does not hurt or cause any injury. In fact, it is to get your attention so you could play with it. Maltipoos should be trained if they bite excessively. However, first look into the causes which may include infection, loneliness, or disease.