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Do Maltipoos Have Curls?

What do you get when you combine a Poodle and a Maltese together? A Maltipoo! Maltipoos are generally amazingly cute toy dogs that can easily attract people with their sparkling puppy eyes and their seemingly soft, fluffy coat! 

The thick coat over a Maltipoo’s skin is what makes it desirably fluffy. If it wasn’t that obvious yet, Maltipoos are set apart from the rest of the doggo community because of their furry coat.

A lot of questions have been raised by different pet enthusiasts pertaining to Maltipoos’ coats and hairs, specifically about a Matipoo’s hair types or coat types. 

The most popular question yet — do Maltipoos have curls? The answer is yes! Maltipoos have curls, as in natural curls, when their hair is long enough. Knowing that a Maltipoo has Poodle and Maltese as parents, it’s all the game of genes!

Learn more about Maltipoos’ hair and dyes, grooming practices, and a lot more as you read on!

A Maltipoos’ Hair

We already know that a Maltipoo is half Maltese and half Poodle. Those that have more of the Maltese in them than Poodle will have soft, flowing hairs that are both wavy and silky at the same time.

Most Maltipoos’ hair will never be completely straight, as in the type to be flowing to the floor, because of the waves. After the hair reaches a certain length, it will most likely curl back into the coat.

Maltipoo Hair Types

Maltipoos have hairs — in fact, strong hairs — and not coats. It’s the thickness of their hairs that gives the impression that they have a coat. 

The hair is single-layered, whereas the coat is the blanket of many layers that we call fur. Hopefully, this leaves you with no more confusion with the hair and coat matter.

Speaking of Maltipoos’ hairs, they can majorly have three types of hair:

Silky Straight

This type of hair is silky and super soft. This type of hair has the quality to grow longer than any of the two types. 

Maltipoos with such hairs should always have a good haircut for a more tidy look. The thickness of such straight hairs gauges from medium to thick.


This type of hair feels rough, and it will be tough for you to handle. Such hairs also need more time for grooming — haircuts and clippings a lot more than normal.

It’s actually not a desired hair type among owners. So much for it to be considered as a mutational fault; a fault in Maltipoos’ genes!

Cruel Curly

This type of hair is extremely curly. It’s curly enough to hide its length in spiraling it, which also means this is the thickest Maltipoo hair type. Generally, curly Maltipoos need special care while brushing to avoid any accidental hair breakage.

Pro Tips: Give your dog proper and frequent hair clipping to avoid hair tangles, and maintain the length of its ideal hair. Growing longer means more tightening of its curls which could turn into a wild bush of hairs that’s challenging to control.

Grooming Without Hair Discrimination

If there’s every one thing we can advise you to do, that would be to make sure that your Maltipoo’s hair grows longer — long enough to allow hair to take the turn of 360 degrees.

Allowing the coat to continuously grow can also help you achieve a super fluffed appearance, along with the perception that your dog is bigger and cuter

However, trimming and grooming make your Maltipoo’s curly hair look sophisticated. Right? Of course!

No matter what hair type your Maltipoo has, grooming is their birthright. Clipping their nails and hairs once a month also gives them a good haircut. 

Pro Tip: Make it a habit to clip your dogs and brush their hair gently — especially so when it’s hot — as this will help them stay cool and remain carefree.

Common Hair Dyes in Maltipoos  

Innocent Maltipoos are dependent on their parents from different breeds for their furry coat. You can easily witness Maltipoos with amazingly silky hairs, wavy hairs, or stubborn curly hairs. However, the dye of their hair has a wide range of varieties.

They usually grasp shades of white and creamy color from their parent Maltese. Their Poodle genes, on the other hand, will add dark colors in their coats. This perfect combination of a Maltese and a Poodle’s hair colors means that you can easily admire the dark stains on a Maltipoo’s hairy blanket.

Perfect Brand Ambassadors for Shampoos

Maltipoos are lucky enough to have stronger hair — which is why they truly deserve to be brand ambassadors of shampoo companies that claim to minimize hair falling and strengthen hair among dogs.

Maltipoos are considerably one of the luckiest breeds to have strong hairs. And again, the credit goes to both hairy parents. The bland of hairy traits results in less hair shedding. 

Fun fact: If Maltipoos have more curly hair, it means it is more like its parent Poodle. Hence by default, with looks, the hair gets the shedding cycle of a Poodle. A Poodle’s hair starts shedding at nearly two years. So, if you have your baby Maltipoo from this category, you will be witnessing transformation of puppy hairs to new mature Maltipoo hairs.

If your dog is more like its parent Maltese, you will be deprived of experiencing the strike changing of hairs. However, you need to remember that the transition of infant hair to adult hair will not change hair texture at all.