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Do Maltipoos Like to be Held?

Maltipoos are fun-loving and smart dogs and are loved all across the world. Actually, they are a cross-breed of Maltese and Poodle, both are small and cute, so Maltipoos have tininess and cuteness in their genes. They love to be treated with affection and like other dogs, they will remain loyal to you forever. Children as well as adults love playing with them and their company is what most alone people will crave. They are treated just like little babies and will always create a fun environment in the house.

What is the nature of a Maltipoo dog?

Maltipoos have an affectionate and loving nature like other dogs. As compared to other dogs, they are smart and will be trained easily. If you’re buying a dog for the first time, the Maltipoo should be your choice as they quickly adapt to the environment of the house and love being surrounded by people. Therefore, it is better to get a Maltipoo as a pet due to their caring and loving nature. If you live alone, a Maltipoo will be a great choice as they will always keep you happy with their little mischiefs and fun.

Do Maltipoos like to be held?

Maltipoos are small in size and cute. This makes them loved by all people. Like other dogs, Maltipoos are loyal and will always stay with you. As they have a loving nature, they love to be played with. Maltipoos are lap dogs, meaning that they are small enough to come in the lap and don’t have temperament issues. Similarly, they love to be held and cuddled.

If you’ve bought a Maltipoo for the first time, you will have to give it some space and time to adapt to the changing environment. It will be afraid in the beginning and won’t like to be held. But once it gets familiar with you and your family, it will stay with you and enjoy just like a part of the family.

Maltipoos don’t have temperament issues and this will reduce their chances of biting you or excessive barking. Maltipoos love to have fun and they will keep playing around the house. They will definitely take all the attention once they come into the house. They like to be held and cuddled like little babies. They are also small and lightweight, so holding a Maltipoo won’t make you feel tired. Cuddling and holding a Maltipoo will make you feel a lot happier and your Maltipoo will also love that, as affection and care are what all dogs crave.

Do Maltipoos like to be held compared to other dog breeds?

Maltipoos are smarter than other dogs and will become quickly familiar with you. Dogs of other breeds generally face temperament issues and they bark excessively, but there’s no such case with a Maltipoo. A Maltipoo will feel safe when you’re holding it and will always love to be treated well. They won’t harm you when upset and their barking will never upset the environment of the house.

Do I need to train my Maltipoo to be held when young?

Maltipoos are actually smart dogs and you won’t have to train them much. If your Maltipoo is newly born, training won’t be required as they will gradually adapt to the environment until fully grown. However, if the Maltipoo is over one year, it will be afraid in the beginning to come in your hands. To overcome this fear, you will have to give them time to become familiar with the house. Play with it and talk to it from a distance, then slowly come close to it and hold it in our hand for two minutes. Then, start holding it for longer times and it will feel safe and secure in your hands.

Do Maltipoos face temperament issues when held?

Maltipoos are active and fun-loving dogs and there are lesser chances of changed behavior as they have a gentle temperament. They love to be held and played with, so a Maltipoo will never get disturbed when you hold it. However, if its behavior has changed and is barking excessively, that may be because they are upset, alone or having a disease, etc. Don’t leave your Maltipoo alone for long periods as they will then suffer from separation anxiety.


Maltipoos are active and fun-loving dogs, and that does not mean they don’t want to be held. Their loyalty and affection make them safe with the people they love. Maltipoos love to be held and played with as they are lap dogs. They also go along with other breeds very well and don’t require much training due to their smart personality. Also, as they are less likely to spread diseases, they are the best choice to keep as pets.

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