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Do Maltipoos Need Haircuts?

Poodle lovers always go for a novel hybrid breed, Maltipoo. This cute little pup is best known for it being low shedding, hypoallergenic and small. However, you must be wondering if this playful creature needs any grooming at all. Moreover, how much effort you need to invest in turning your Maltipoo into a coxcomb from head to toe.

Continue reading to know answers to all these questions. We will also talk about brushing your puppy properly and grooming your little Maltipoo in the best possible way, at home.

Maltipoos do need a haircut!

Maltipoos are no doubt lower maintenance dogs and are great for those suffering from allergy. These fluff balls do not pick up tumbleweeds. Despite all this, it does not mean they don’t need any grooming, including a good haircut.

Maltipoo loves having a haircut. However, a haircut doesn’t mean removing the complete coat!

Some Maltipoos owners choose this over having a styling haircut to avoid another one after a short time due to their busy schedule. Moreover, it also seems a good option in warm weather.

However, if you want to turn your little Maltipoo into a fashion plate, you have hundreds of options. Many styles come every year with a lot of variations and novelty. Professionals are continuously working to give owners novel styling tips to make their pup dandier. The styling is mostly dependent on which type of coat Maltipoo has. Therefore, it’s always the best option to leave it to professionals. At least for the very first haircut, do consult a professional for the best advice.

How often Maltipoo needs a haircut?

Your Maltipoo will grow a fair density and length of hair in 4 to 6 weeks. This means getting a haircut once in a month or one and a half months. Doing late will do no good to your fluff ball other than converting it into a huge tangled mass of fur. So, now you must be wondering which hairstyle will suit your Maltipoo best.

Which Hair cut is for your Maltipoo?

Haircut always depends on the fur coat a Maltipoo has. There are many Maltipoo haircuts; however, the basic one is long and short.

Type of fur coat Hairstyle
Maltipoos having a Maltese like the coat Any standard Maltese cut will go, e.g., short cuts, teddy bear cut, etc
Maltipoos having a Poodle like the coat All Poodle styles will look amazing, e.g., classy puppy cuts, pompons, etc
Maltipoos having a Heavy fur on the mouth You can go for slight trimming once in a month to ensure proper vision, preventing it from getting dirty and catching particles like food, dirt, etc.
Maltipoos having a soft and silky coat. You can grow it quite long or can cut into a classy puppy cut. The wave at the end prevents the length from reaching the ground like most show dogs.
Maltipoos having a thick and curly coat. A dense fluff ball like the coat is aimed in this style. Do not try to direct curls to any side neither part them.
Maltipoos having a wiry and wavy coat This type of coat needs a lot of maintenance and is not always a loved feature. It is best to adopt a haircut aiming to keep hair short. With appropriate breeding, you can turn this coat into a Poodle or Maltese like the coat.

A maternity haircut is necessary to see the fetus clearly. So, opt for it in the fifth week of pregnancy.


Brushing is another crucial aspect when it comes to grooming your pup. It is the most critical step in maintaining your Maltipoos dandy coat. Inappropriate and careless grooming can turn your Maltipoo into a colossal mess, ultimately causing him to lose its beautiful fur. Mats in the hair, due to neglecting proper brushing, will prevent you from running the clippers smoothly. The situation can worsen to the extent that you have to cut the fur to remove mats leaving a bald spot on your dandy Maltipoo. So, always be vigilant in it!

How Can You Keep Mats Away?

Use a slicker or pin brush to remove mats and tangles from your puppy’s coat effectively. Loosen up the hair to prevent the formation of mats. Matts in the fur coat is the worst nightmare for any Maltipoo owner. Matting will cause your cute little pup to turn into something skinny and alien to remove them altogether.

We suggest you use a detangling spray that will prevent breakage and will help remove tangles smoothly. Do a brush before any bath. If you locate any mat or clump, spray a generous amount of detangling mist to remove it quickly. Once the fur is wet, you will be left with no chance other than cutting the whole clump.

Fur Maintenance of Your Maltipoo at Home:

In fur maintenance, there comes a good haircut and brushing.

For a haircut, we suggest leaving it, professionals. You will not love to play with the dense, beautiful signature fur of your Maltipoo. However, if you need to do it, go for trimming it slightly and equally. If you have tried before or have a little knowledge, you can also go for a classy puppy cut and easily do it at home.

We suggest you have a

  1. Double-sided pin and bristle brush,
  2. Pin and bristle brush with plastic pins,
  3. Stainless steel comb with rounded tips
  4. A quality detangling spray

This will help you effectively deal with any fur type and tangles while brushing.


Fur grooming encompasses the most critical brushing and hair cutting. Be very careful and regular when it comes to maintaining your puppy’s fur. If you fail, you will lose all the charisma of your cute little Maltipoo. Follow the tips we shared in the above section. Do share if you know any cool haircuts and brushing advice.

Cheers to the best grooming of our cute fashion plate pup!

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