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Dog is biting other dog’s ears – What to do

Dogs are naturally playful and fun-loving. They love to play around the house and jump here and there to show excitement. They can even bite your hand in excitement.

When two dogs are playing, you might have noticed that they start biting each other’s ears. This is a strange gesture for the owners because they feel like their dog is attacking the other dog he was playing with.

Most dog owners become worried about this behavior and find it strange. If you are also one of them, then you’ve come to the right place. We have done great research on this behavior of dogs and came up with some facts and tips that might be help you.

Is it okay for dogs to bite while playing?

Yes, dogs biting each other while playing is totally normal. Dogs bite each other’s ears and neck when they become excited and playful. It is okay until it is in a friendly and gentle manner. But sometimes, this biting can be due to aggression, which is not okay.

Why do dogs bite other dog’s ears?

A dog biting another dog’s ears can de either due to playing or aggression. If you want to find out the reason why your dog does this, first notice if it does this while playing or not.

Dogs chewing another dog’s ears while playing:

When you see your dog biting another dog’s ears while playing, that’s because your dog is excited or having fun. Dogs learn from a young age how much pressure they can apply while playing. So, it will exert little pressure that does not harm the other dog too much.

However, sometimes while playing, your dog might bite too hard. It is an uncommon behavior while playing, and you should keep an eye on the dog and notice how the fighting is developing.

However, the question that arises here is, why dogs bite each other’s ears only?

There can be two reasons for this behavior.

•         The ears are an easy target for the dog.

•         By biting the ears, dogs show themselves as the dominant play partner.

If the biting is too harsh, the other dog may start bleeding. Even a minor cut can lead to excessive bleeding, and the blood will be sprayed whenever the dog shakes its head. This will be a sign of worriedness for the dog owners as well. Ears usually bleed more than other parts because they are in a constant state of motion. Hence, the blood clots will take a longer time to develop, and a minor cut will lead to excessive blood loss.

So, if your dog bites another dog’s ears and there is no blood or yelps of pain, then you can rest assured. It is just a friendly bonding between the two, and they become excited while playing.

What if the other dog does not want to play?

If your dog is biting another dog’s ears and you feel that it does not want to play, then you can use a quick trick.

You should restrain your dog from biting the other. If you see that the other dog is approaching your dog, then it’s completely fine. Both of them want to play, and there is nothing to worry about.

Dog’s biting each other’s ears in aggression:

If your dog is facing temperament issues and becomes aggressive, it is something to worry about. Dogs have varying degrees of bite force, and it can result in serious injuries to the other dog.

As ears are easily accessible, dogs will bite them when fighting and rip off the other dog’s skin. Therefore, as an owner, it is your responsibility to notice when the play turns into a fight, and your dog becomes aggressive. Various factors can cause aggression including:

·         Fear

·         Possessiveness

·         Excitement

·         Prey drive

·         Pain

However, we never know when our dog will turn from a playful animal to a nasty creature. You can observe some early signs when the dog changes its behavior. If the dogs are playing and you hear yelps of pain, growling, and hackles raised on their backs, you should stop them before it’s too late.

What should I do to stop my dog?

Most dog biting is due to excitement and showing dominance while playing. However, if things get worse and you see blood on the other dog’s ears, you should stop your dog immediately.

·        Separate both the dogs:

One possible and immediate trick to stop the dogs it to separate them and place a barrier between them. You can place a chair or table as well. Some dog trainers recommend that throwing a blanket over the dogs can work very well.

·        Spray water on the dogs:

Using a spray bottle can do wonders to stop the fight. You can also spray water, but dog trainers suggest that spraying vinegar or citronella can be helpful to break a fight.

·        Distract the dogs:

This is the best way to stop the dogs. The distraction can be in the form of loud noise, such as clapping your hands. You can also use a whistle.

·        Wheelbarrow technique:

This technique is very helpful. It involves two people grabbing the back legs of both dogs and lifting them in the air. In this way, the dogs will not be able to fight. You have to do this until they are calm.


Dogs usually bite each other’s ears while playing, but it can lead to serious injuries if aggression comes in between. You should immediately stop them by using the techniques mentioned above. However, keep in mind that never put your hand in between the dogs while fighting or pull them behind by grabbing their tails.