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How Big Will Toy Maltipoos Get?

If you love dogs, then you probably must have heard of the famous Maltipoo — a hybrid dog of American origin. If in case you’re not well aware of the Maltipoo, you may probably have seen one already as these lap dogs attract a lot of attention in a crowd because of their charming characteristics.

These gentle, low-shedding, smart, and playful pups are considered as the ideal company that you can easily take anywhere — all because of their compact size. How big will toy Maltipoos get, you ask? Specifically, a Toy Maltipoo can gain a size between 8-14 inches. Generally, though, the height of a Maltipoo varies a lot depending on the variety of Poodle used in the breeding.

Find this interesting enough? Continue reading this article to learn a lot more about Maltipoos (and their height). We will also provide a good comparison between relevant breeds to help you understand better and select your fur-fect puppy wisely!

What, exactly, is a Maltipoo?

The Maltipoo is a hybrid designer dog that was first bred in 1990 in America. It is a novel breed that was produced as a result of hybridization between a Maltese and a Miniature or Toy Poodle.

Maltipoo offers a great deal of better characteristics over any of his signal parents in having sturdy characters with a lot of potential to training, a great variety of fur, skin, color, and patterns. They vary a lot depending on the type of parent used in breeding, specifically with regards to physical characters including size, height, weight, and coat.

Regardless of how great the Maltipoo is, though, it’s not recognized as a true breed. However, a National Maltipoo Club and Maltipoo Club of America were created specifically for this pet.

Height of a Maltipoo

The height of a Maltipoo varies a lot depending on the variety of Poodle used in the breeding. The height range of a Maltipoo can be anywhere from 7-14 inches, which is provided specifically below:

Toy Poodle (7”-10”) + Maltese (8”-10”)Maltipoo (7”-10”)
Miniature Poodle (10”-15”) + Maltese (8”-10”)Maltipoo (8”-14”)

We cannot ignore genetic variations among Maltipoos. These variations are the sole cause of variable height, weight, color, and coat. Moreover, external factors like healthy food and environment are also crucial for the Maltipoo to gain what is inscribed in genetics.

A Toy Maltipoo is considerably an average-sized breed which makes it a good fit for any household. They have attracted attention worldwide due to their charming colors, coat patterns, and ideal height. 

Their very characteristics drive many people to want them — so much to the point that the number of people who want it is far larger than the number of people who can afford it. Given the statistics, the market is full of marketers selling Toy Maltipoos or false breeds with health issues, shorter life spans, and many other problems.

Fun Fact: When a Maltipoo is 4 months old, it gains half of the adult weight and height which means you can easily determine your dog’s adult height at 4 months!

Weight of a Maltipoo

The weight of a Maltipoo varies a lot, not only in the types of breed produced by a variety of parents but also from one individual to another. This means that the weight of a Maltipoo is never a standard in determining its characters or health.

The weight range of a Maltipoo can be anywhere from 4-12 lbs, which is provided specifically below:

Toy Poodle (6-9 lbs) + Maltese (4-7 lbs)Maltipoo (4-9 lbs)
Miniature Poodle (15-17 lbs) + Maltese (4-7 lbs)Maltipoo (5-12 lbs)

When you roam the pet market, you will recognize that Maltipoos are usually classified based on their weight into 3 different categories: Toy Maltipoo, Mini Maltipoo, and Teacup Maltipoo.

The weight and height of a Maltipoo not only affect the price tag, but also its “portability”. As a marketing ploy, Maltese breeders tack different terms as toy, teacup, and miniature on the description.

Differences Between Maltipoos

A Maltipoo is characterized based on its weight. Provided below is how you will be able to differentiate a Toy Maltipoo, Mini Maltipoo, and Teacup Maltipoo from one another.

Toy MaltipooMini MaltipooTeacup Maltipoo
Weighs 10 pounds or lessThese are medium-sized and weigh between 10-25 poundsWeighs less than 4 pounds or so
Breeding between parents having an average heightHeavy individuals are selected for breeding to get this variantBreeding between small parent dogs
Better immunity and more training capacityBetter health and training capacityMultiple health issues
American Kennel Club recognizes itAmerican Kennel Club recognizes itAmerican Kennel Club does not recognize it

Looking at all the physical characteristics of the different Maltipoos will provide you with good enough information about the puppy of your choice — which is why it’s best to refer back to this article when you’re finally picking through the litter.

Wrapping Up

The Toy Maltipoo is an average-sized dog breed perfect for any household it belongs to — truly worth your investment! The adult size not only depends on the variant of Maltipoo you will select, but also the food and environment you will give. All these factors will help your fur baby develop into its true size inscribed in its genes.

Meta Description

The Toy Maltipoo is a world-renowned dog breed because of its ideal height and weight. A Toy Maltipoo is always sought for puppy lovers of all sorts. However, less people know about its defining character. This article provides all the credible information about its height, as well as comparison with relevant breeds.