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How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Maltipoo

Maltipoos are intelligent and easy to train creatures. Your consistency can yield many positive results. However, it is also dependent on your training method. Every Maltipoo takes different time in housebreaking. These cute little creatures can sometimes show wonders in learning good habits and some processes are a bit slower. Potty training a Maltipoo is one of the basic housebreaking training. The fundamentals of this are not very complicated. They will work if you follow specific guidelines accurately. Owners are usually worried if their pup is taking long to learn essential habits. Here we are to help you know most of the things about Potty training under the same. Moreover, how much time usually puppies take to Potty train and how you can manage your training process to make it more effective. Continue reading and learn novel things with us.

How much time should the training take?

Potty training a Maltipoo is not something you can do in a few days or even weeks or a single month. Even the pre claimed housebroken dogs take a long time to adjust according to your needs. You should be very consistent and smart to acheive the goal.

Suppose you follow all the training procedure accurately and understand your dog’s temper and needs. In that case, you can fully Potty train your pup within 2 to 4 months.

The exact time can never be calculated. It is the result of coordination between the Maltipoo and its owner. Younger puppies take more time than the adult ones.

How Can You Make Housebreaking more efficient?

The time can also extend to 6 months for puppies if they fail to perceive your training. The idea is to increase positive response by building a better bond with your pet through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Here are some tips that can potentially accelerate your training process:

Positive Reinforcement:

Reward your dog every time he behaves according to instructions. According to positive reinforcement, any living being does anything most of the time when he develops greed for a better thing promised in the reward. The same theory goes for both humans and animals. You can use this fact for your benefit. For example, you can give him his favorite food when he poos or pees in the designated area or outside the house. The sense of reward will ultimately develop a habit in your pup.

Address his needs:

Dogs will never pee or poo in extreme weather conditions. So, dress him appropriately when you plan to take him out in snowfall. The heat will relax the muscles and make him defecate. Remember, you have to provide the most comfortable conditions t your dog to train him quickly.

Choosing the right time:

The biggest drawback of a training process is that you never understand your pup’s timings. For example, you take your dog outside whenever you get free without realizing the fact that if he needs to poo at this very moment or not. Therefore, even if you will spend hours and hours with your pup outside, he will never defecate. The result is messing the floors with poop logs after coming back.

To manage it properly, you can learn your puppy’s behaviors. For most of the puppies, it is when they got up from a sound nap. Moreover, a dog also needs to poop after playing and eating due to the bowels’ good motion. Taking your pup out 15 minutes after feeding, do the work.

Give him enough freedom:

Maltipoos are often very shy and sophisticated of all the pups. They are often reluctant to poo in overcrowded places. Therefore, you can give your dog more freedom to work and find its place. For this purpose, go for a longer slang that helps your dog explore the most comfortable area. Moreover, adopt another route and roam more places with your pooch to locate the favorite spot.

Follow a schedule:

Always follow a good schedule. Maltipoos are very punctual beings. They are still confused by the haphazard schedule anyone follows. After assessing the dog’s timings, you can adjust your walking time with it to make a better concord. Your negligence can become the most significant drawback in making the dog habitual of clean habits and going to a special place for evacuation purposes. If you follow a schedule, their body will start adjusting according to it. You will see many positive results sooner.

Look for medical conditions:

Different illnesses may hamper the overall efficiency of a dog. Feeding your Maltipoo on cheap foods can play havoc with his health. Suppose the digestive system is not working correctly. In that case, he can never follow a schedule and cannot control the urge to defecate. In extreme conditions, diarrhea and constipation result in watery stools or difficult defecation, which can prove detrimental. Consult your vet immediately. Also, get expert guidance in puppy’s food selection and other health-related factors.


Record my statement, “Every Maltipoo is different…in shape, color, and characters he is himself. Never try to compare him with other breeds.”. The same thing among this hybrid breed is intelligence. Maltipoos understand things rather quickly and acclimate to the environment. However, proper housebreaking is required to train your pup how to behave appropriately. Potty training is one of the most fundamental training steps. It may be the most difficult one any Maltipoo owner can encounter. Most owners are worried about why their pup is taking a lot more time than one present next door. It all depends on how much time and effort you are investing in him. To help you in this, we suggested the most useful that can help any Maltipoo owner get the desired results within the least period. Follow them precisely and share your experience with us. We would love to help with any problem you encounter while Potty training your pup.