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How Much Do You Brush A Maltipoo Hair?

If you own a Maltipoo, you must love its cute dense fur coat and always wonder how to maintain it from head to toe. Maltipoos are a hybrid breed that results from the cross between little pure breed Maltese and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. The coat, along with all other traits, has the characteristics of both. So, it’s quite prone to mats and tangles if left unchecked.

So, to keep your sweet-natured, comfortable to train, smart, and focused cute little pup coxcomb all the time, you need to know how to groom it properly. One of the most essential steps in perfect grooming your small dog is maintaining coat by regular brushing. Continue reading to learn all about brushing a Maltipoo to turn your pup into an all-time fashion plate.

Brushing a Maltipoo:

Brushing your Maltipoos coat and giving extra attention to it is imperative. There can be multiple benefits of brushing, which includes:

1.       Ensure a tangle-free coat. Tangles can lead to mats, which will leave you no chance except cutting the fur in the worst-case scenario.

2.       Increase the blood supply to the skin, which improves health and hair growth.

3.       Removes all the dander trapped in the coat, which can also be health hazardous.

4.       It distributes natural oils throughout the coat giving a shiny and glossy final appearance.

5.       It can keep the coat free from parasites and other pests.

6.       It brings your little friend more lose to you, calm him, and deepen the bond with him.

7.       It also prevents skin infection and allergy.

Now you need to know how much should you brush your Maltipoos coat and how you can do it correctly every time for the best results.

Frequency Of Brushing:

Maltipoos can have straight, curly, and wavy coat inherited from two parents of different breeds. So, to maintain it, you need to brush it thoroughly several times a week. Experts suggest that you need to touch 2 to 3 times a week to keep the coat. However, daily brushing is always the best option.

The brushing can be in two ways

1.       Brushing after bathing

2.       Brushing in the dry coat.

Both need different instructions and care.

Brushing after bathing

After bathing, always towel off the coat and then go for brushing. Do not try in a super wet fur. Damp skin is still the best option to prevent hair breakage. When starting brushing, you need to look for any tangles. Always use a small rubber-tipped brush in a wet coat. You can also go for a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles effectively.

Start from the roots and massage the skin with the pins of the comb. If you found any stubborn tangle, leave it there and don’t pull it off. It will only worsen it, and there will be no other choice than cutting the coat and leaving a bald spot.

Pull all the dead hairs and repeat your motions until you feel it is done. If the hair is long, you can section them for easy detangling. Brushing immediately after bathing will give extra fluff and shine to Maltipoos coat.

Brushing in a Dry Coat

You need extra care to work in a dry coat. If you feel tangles, never try to remove when the hair is dried. Always use a detangling mist generously to serve the purpose. Make small sections and brush with lighter hands, starting from tips straight to the roots. Always use a wide-toothed brush while brushing.

Remove all the tangles; otherwise, they will continue to grow and spread to the whole coat. You can also use a fair amount of coat conditioner and leave it there for 10-15 minutes. You need to cover the entire hair in a solution containing half the water and the other half of the conditioner.

You can then work your fingers in the tangles and try to free them up. Be super patient and work with every hair to end up the whole mat.

If you can’t detangle a matt, bring it to the tip and try to detangle from very roots if your Maltipoo has long hair. Clip it gently and precisely with a scissor to stop it from growing more and destroying the whole coat. Always try that you never have to shave it down because it will take months to years to grow back again and, in the worst case, never become as before.

Tips While Brushing:

  • Always use a soft blanket if you are going to make your dog lie down. Do not forget to wash it with hypo-allergenic detergent.
  • Be patient with tangles, or you will end up having a bald Maltipoo.
  • Place blankets for your Maltipoo in several places in the house to ensure a smooth surface that does not irritate the skin and improves hair growth.
  • While brushing, make sure you check every part of Maltipoo as a simple physical examination to know if he is facing any issue.
  • Do not blow-dry the coat. Always leave it to air dry itself. It will prevent hair damage and help in growth.
  • You can sprinkle some Omega 3 powder in your dog’s food for healthier hair growth.


Maltipoos are all about their coat and friendly nature. A luxurious coat serves as a crown for any Maltipoo, and you have to take care of that to protect his grace. You need to be very regular, careful, and patient with your Maltipoos fur coat. The main idea is to avoid any tangle and mat at all. We have summarized all the effective brushing ways and some proven tips for healthier and faster hair growth.

We will love to know if you have some cool tips or effective techniques in brushing.