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How much should I Walk my Maltipoo?

When you keep a Maltipoo as a pet, it comes with a lot of attention and care. As a dog owner, you should spend time with your pet and give it healthy food to eat. However, that’s not all you need to do!

Giving it proper exercise and keeping it active is also essential to keep your Maltipoo healthy and active. Exercise and daily walks also increase the life span of the Maltipoo.

But how much should you walk your Maltipoo every day? How much exercise does it need?

Let’s find out!

Are you getting the leash?!!

Is walking every day necessary?

Just like humans, dogs should also walk every day to stay healthy.

Although your puppy will go out many times a day to play or use the bathroom, it does not mean that it has fulfilled its exercise requirement.

Exercise is the best way to keep your Maltipoo active, but it cannot alone do all the work. So, it’s better to take your puppy for a walk with you every day. It will help keep the dog active and its bones healthy. Similarly, the dog will feel the fresh air and freshen up its mind, making it happy.

How long should you spend walking every day?

Ideally, it would be best to take your Maltipoo for a walk two times per day. As it is a small dog, it is more active than others. So, it can easily walk for 40 minutes every day.

To conclude, taking your Maltipoo for a walk 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening is ideal for keeping it energetic throughout the day.

A walk before going to bed can help your Maltipoo sleep better. Consequently, a walk early morning can increase its energy levels and allow it to stay productive all day.

How far can a Maltipoo walk?

The distance your Maltipoo can walk depends on its age and energy level. If you have an extremely active and playful pup, it can walk for at least ten miles every day.

However, there is a common rule to estimate the time your puppy needs to walk. It is ‘’five minutes walking per one month of age’’.

It means that if your Maltipoo is 4 months old, it should walk two minutes a day. You can either split this time into two intervals or make it walk at once, depending upon your puppy’s energy level.

However, if you want to increase the time, it is better to do it gradually. For example, increase the time by walking it for five minutes extra. When the Maltipoo becomes used to it, further increase the distance a bit.

Some puppies can go fine with increasing the distance, while some cannot. It depends on the age and energy level of the Maltipoo. Usually, adult Maltipoos need longer walks than puppies.

How far can a Maltipoo go on a weekend hike?

A lot of things matter when you need to determine how far your small dog can go on a hike, including age, size, health, and physical condition.

The average distance a Maltipoo can cover on a hike is 8- 10 miles. Some inactive Maltipoos may cover 5 miles. However, if you have a healthy and playful Maltipoo, it can easily hike for as far as 13 miles.  

Things to consider

You should make sure that the daily walking schedule meets the puppy’s requirements in developing a healthy and active body. If you make it walk more than its potential, it will result in damaged developing joints of the Maltipoo.

Secondly, never take your Maltipoo out for a walk with a full stomach. Going for a walk immediately after eating can cause bloating, and the Maltipoo might not be able to walk properly.

Consistency is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the puppy. It would help if you fixed a proper time for walking, so the Maltipoo is ready to go for a walk. Also, never break the schedule or miss out on walking days because of your busy schedule.

Benefits of walking

Taking your Maltipoo out for a walk comes with a lot of benefits.

·        Helps your dog socialize:

This can help, especially if your Maltipoo suffers from anxiety. If you move to a new place, the dog can become stressed. In this condition, taking it out for a walk and making it familiar with the area can help. The fresh air can freshen up its mind and release the stress.

·        Increases your dog’s health:

Walking improves the overall health of your Maltipoo. According to a study, almost 50% of dogs suffer from obesity, which leads to other health. To improve the health and activity level of your Maltipoo, a daily walk is the simplest technique.

·        It helps you train your dog:

Walking is the best time to train your dog. Also, make sure to take the dog’s favorite treats to award it on following your commands. It also helps create a friendly relation with your dog so that you can train it even better.

You can also play games with your Maltipoo when out on a walk. It is the best way to give it attention and show love, especially if you have a busy routine.


A daily walk can do wonders for your Maltipoo health. Some owners might not feel that a daily walking routine is essential. However, it is! At the same time, properly following the schedule and fixing a time for walking is also important.