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How Much To Feed A Maltipoo?

Being amazingly energetic little Maltipoo uses its lot of energy slightly more than other dogs. Moreover, their stature body fosters their metabolic rate. Hence, you should feed Maltipoo more frequently is always refill its energy.  And the food is the only possible approach to maintain your Maltipoo’s energy / Calorie level.

But is it that simple to feed a Maltipoo? Of course not! Just like ours, the body of Maltipoo also needs a calculated amount of caloric and nutritional intake. You cannot blind feed your Maltipoo, as the results can be hazardous. At the bottom are the complete guidelines for you to feed your pet Maltipoo accordingly. 

Essential Factors of Maltipoo Feed

There are majorly two factors that decide the suitable amount of your Maltipoo’s feed.

1.   Age

Here is the general amount of food intake according to the biological age of Maltipoo.

·        2 – 3 month

A sheer infant Maltipoo of age two to three months needs more food to stay happy and healthy. Therefore you need to feed Maltipoo in many time blocks everyday. This helps your Maltipoo to feel full all the time.

However, it is necessary to keep the total amount of nutritional intake constant according to its weight.

·        3- 12 month

Once your Maltipoo is close to its 1st birthday, you need to switch the freestyle eating to schedule eating. It’s wise to transfer this feed training gradually after a Maltipoo completes its three months. Start reducing its feed time without compromising on food intake. For example, if you feed your Maltipoo eight times a day, reduce it to 6 and so on. Till it turns into one year, your Maltipoo must have the habit of having a three-time meal only.

Schedule feeding ultimately regulates the metabolic mechanism. Apparently, timely feeding means timely defecation. Additionally, refrain from feeding your Maltipoo before bedtime; feed them before 3 to 4 hours of sleep approximately.

·        12 months and more

Now your Maltipoo is an adult, and so you need to deal with them the same way. Again, reduce their meal from three to two while the required food intake will remain constant. This habit will save your life from cleaning out the feces of your pet Maltipoo, as the fewer bouts of food intake mean fewer bouts of fecal output.  

2.   Weight

The amount of food bulk depends on your dear Maltipoo weight, neglecting its gender and age.

Let’s gauge the feed into two different categories. You can gauge the feed of Maltipoo through cup and caloric values.

·        Feed Of Maltipoos With A Weight Of 2 To 4 Pound

If your Maltipoo has weight about 2 to 4 pounds, then the appropriate feed is half or one-third of a cup per day. However, the caloric intake increases per pound by Maltipoo’s body weight. Generally, one pound of Maltipoo weight requires 50 calories. Hence for 2 pounds its doubles to 100 calories. Similarly, for 3 pounds, its 150 and 4 pounds means 200 calories.

·        Feed Of Maltipoo With A Weight Of 5 To 10-Pound

If your Maltipoo is 5 pounds or more, you need to be a little more conscious about its feed. It is because 5 pounds is the weight when your Maltipoo is either a complete adult or is amid the transitional phase. However, adult Maltipoo caloric requirement slightly steeps down, and it’s more dependent on its physical activity.

Therefore, by considering its age and activities, the caloric intake varies. If your 5 pound Maltipoo is still a pup, then it needs 250 calories. Whereas if it is an adult Maltipoo, caloric intake varies from 193 to 200 calories depending on its exercise routine.

Similarly, your 6-pound adult Maltipoo caloric requirement ranges from 213 to 240 calories. For Maltipoos with 7 pounds, the calorie variate between 245 to 280. Whereas, for an eight-pound Maltipoo, 280 to 320 is the range of caloric requirement.

Nonetheless, Maltipoo of 9 pounds has a caloric requirement of 315 to 360. If your Maltipoo gain weights till 10 pounds, then the energy intake ranges from 350 to 400 calories. 

However, the quantity of Maltipoo feed Maltipoo ranging from 5 to 8 pounds should be either half or three-fourths of a cup per day. Nevertheless, Maltipoo exceeding 8 pounds to 10 pounds, should have a three-fourth feed to one cup each day.

What to feed Maltipoo?

The feed of your Maltipoo must have a sufficient protein proportion because there are ten essential amino acids your Maltipoo cannot make itself.

Similarly, the feed of Maltipoo must have some good fats and carbs. However, select the feed of Maltipoo with low or no-carb/ gluten-free as it only gives a false sense of filled tummy but does not last. Hence it can ultimately result in over-feeding, risking the health of your Maltipoo.


To sincerely fulfill your pet Maltipoo’s responsibility, you should have a complete awareness of its health factors. However, feed is the most crucial factor that plays a role in the health of your Maltipoo. All of the above guidelines are essential to understand and memorize while making your beloved Maltipoo diet plan. Moreover, it will be better to plan the menu of Maltipoo along with a vet’s assistance to ensure the good health of your Maltipoo.