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How Often Should You Cut your Maltipoo’s Hair?

Maltipoos are fun to have at home as they are regarded as best home pets. They love to play with you and will surely make the whole family happier due to their playful and lively nature. Therefore, Maltipoos are great pets, especially if you need a dog at home. They are small in size and lightweight, and you can easily carry them anywhere you go. That is why people all over the world want to keep a Maltipoo as a pet as they will always stay with you due to their loyal and caring nature.

However, keeping a pet comes with a lot of care and grooming. You have to care for them just like babies as they are more likely to spread infections and get diseases. Similarly, you need to cut their hair, bath them, and also cut their nails to ensure that your pet is perfectly clean and healthy.

Do Maltipoos need grooming?

Grooming accounts for many tasks that should be performed every week to make your pet look its best. Maltipoos are smart and clean dogs but they do need grooming to stay clean, healthy, and fit. Proper care must be taken of a Maltipoo and regular baths and haircuts should be ensured to avoid many diseases and problems. All dogs need grooming especially if you’ve bought them for the first time, you need to take care of them properly as any carelessness can lead to further problems.

How often does Maltipoos need a haircut?

Maltipoos have hair instead of fur and hair is intended to grow longer. Therefore, a hair cutting session must be ensured from time to time to keep you Maltipoo healthy and clean. The time you need to cut your Maltipoo’s hair depends on the growth of its hair. However, on average, it has been observed that Maltipoos should have a haircut 3-4 times a year at a minimum. If your Maltipoo’s hair grows longer quickly, it is a good choice to have it cut every 2-3 months.

The haircuts should also be managed with the seasons. You can cut your Maltipoo’s hair shorter in the summer so it can manage the hot season and the long hair won’t irritate it. Similarly, you can keep its hair longer in the winter so it can keep itself warm.

However, maintaining the ideal length of the Maltipoo’s hair and getting it cut regularly helps a lot in the overall grooming of your pet. If you want to keep its hair longer, try to keep brushing it frequently so it doesn’t get curled and infections can be avoided.

Can I cut my Maltipoos hair myself?

Cutting a Maltipoos hair might not be as easy as it seems. If you’ve bought a Maltipoo for the first time and you need its first haircut, we would recommend you to get it done from a professional barber. However, getting a haircut of the Maltipoo may factor into its price, especially if you need it to be done by a professional groomer, it is going to be a repeating expense.

If you want to cut your Maltipoo’s hair yourself, make sure that you have a proper trimming kit to ensure a great cut. Cutting its hair by yourself if you’re not used to it won’t be a good idea as it needs proper guidance. Prefer taking it to the barber. However, if you really want to cut its hair yourself, you will have to very careful with the scissors. Many people get the hair cut after bathing it, but it’s a better choice to give a haircut to a dry and clean dog. The hair from the nose, mouth, and eyes needs to be cut with special care as well. However, our first recommendation will always be a barber if you have never done this before.

Why should I get my Maltipoo haircut from a professional groomer?

The benefit of getting your Maltipoo haircut from a professional groomer is that you can enjoy different styles of your Maltipoos hair. You can get a Maltese cut to make them look cute and teddy bear-like. Similarly, Poodle-like hair offers different styles like a classic puppy cut and pompons. The most common of all the Maltipoos haircut is the puppy cut, making the puppy look amazing and ensuring its cuteness at the same time. There are many other options as well that you can choose from if you need your Maltipoo’s style changed from time to time.

What will happen if I don’t get my Maltipoo a haircut?

Not getting a haircut of the Maltipoo from time to time isn’t a good idea at all. They only need haircuts 3-4 times a year at a minimum. Therefore, it’s always better to get a haircut to make your Maltipoo look clean, healthy, and fit.

Maltipoos have thin hair and after growing longer than the usual length, its hair will start curling. This won’t look good at all, especially if your Maltipoo has straight hair, so getting a haircut will be necessary at this time. Still, if you don’t get it cut, it will come into the dog’s eyes and mouth, making it feel uncomfortable and dirty at the same time. Long hair is more likely to get dirty while running.

Maltipoos have dander and it accumulates on their hair. Although dander is less likely to cause allergic reactions, if your Maltipoo has long hair, the dander will keep accumulating in the hair and is more likely to accelerate allergic reactions. If you want your Maltipoo’s hair long, make sure to brush and bathe it regularly to get rid of the dander.


Maltipoos also need special care and grooming like all other dogs, and it’s better to get them cleaned, washed, and brushed from time to time. Giving your Maltipoo a regular haircut will make it look clean and healthy and will also avoid any allergic reactions that can be caused due to long and untidy hair.