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How To Potty Train a Maltipoo?

Maltipoos are cute little easy to train creatures. These intelligent animals are easy to train and show a lot of compliance to the training procedure. You need to be very smart in house training this pup as they are compassionate and work with a good schedule. Potty training a pet is the most fundamental step in house training any dog. Sometimes the owner understands his pup’s psyche and gets a hold quickly. In the other unfortunate moments, things can get out of the hands and do more harm than good. The poop logs in hallways or on the carpet are disgusting and hard to remove altogether.

We are here to help you potty train your little pup quickly, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Continue reading to learn a lot more about practical potty training and how to avoid an unpleasant situation.

When To Start Potty Training?

A Maltipoo as young as 8 weeks old is suitable for practical potty training. When you think about potty training, you must be confused if you should start this house training or give your Maltipoo time to adjust to his surroundings. However, remember the earlier it is, the better it will be for you.

Moreover, it’s always a combined effort by the owner and Maltipoo. Maltipoo never fails to give more than expected response. However, you should follow specific smart approaches and techniques to potty train and address your Maltipoo needs better. Moreover, even if the Maltipoo is already housebroken, you need to repeat all training procedures to maintain his behavior and obedience.

How Long Does a Maltipoo Take To Potty Train?

Potty training is a slow and gradual process. It can take from weeks to even a month. The key is your consistency, which will fully train your Maltipoo according to your commands. You should give as much as learning opportunities as possible to your Maltipoo to make the whole program effective. Likewise, if you are a busy and office person, your Maltipoo will take more time than usual.

Typically we can say every Maltipoo is trained it’s very best in 3 to 4 months.

When Should You Take Your Maltipoo Outside?

There are certain times when taking to potty is more effective than others. So take your Maltipoo out or lead him to the potty when:

  • He wakes up in the morning or evening. At this time, the bladder will be full and will generate involuntary reflexes.
  • He is ready to go to bed
  • 20-25 minutes soon after he finished eating.
  • After he played a lot or was in confinement.

Tips For Better Potty Training:

Follow the following guidelines to potty train your Maltipoo effectively:

1.       Never take your little pup to a place that other dogs use until the Maltipoo has gone through a complete round of vaccination shots. Bear this in mind while selecting a place for your dog to potty; otherwise, he can suffer from a severe illness.

2.       If your Maltipoo is not getting what you are teaching, you can adopt some smart techniques. For example, it is natural for dogs to go for potty to their area before. Therefore, you can simply take some of his poop and urine and spread it in your backyard. The scents there will automatically attract him to the place.

3.       Always clean the poop inside the house properly, so no trace or scent is left behind. You can use disinfectant and quality enzyme cleaners. For carpets and clothes, use hypoallergenic cleaners. Remember using mild soaps, dishwashers and detergents will leave the scents there, and Maltipoo will always go to the same place again.

4.       Always be more frequent with smaller pups; for example, after every 3 hours for 3 months old ones, 4 hours for four months old.

5.       If your pup is reluctant to pee or poop even if you take him outside, look if he is vulnerable to something. Give him more freedom to find the best spot for him.

6.       The dog will never poop in front of big dogs or even sometimes also in front of fellow Maltipoos. Take care of it while you select someplace for his training.

7.       Look closely into the signs. You can also use the umbilical cord method. Bind the strap and keep your Maltipoo with you. Do not allow him to move to lose when he is not potty trained. A dog typically starts sniffing everything, walking, and moving to his former spot whenever he needs to poop. Look for the symptoms and take him out as soon as possible.

8.       Spend a fair amount of time or at least 10 minutes whenever you take your pup outside to poop. Dogs usually sniff and check for the right spot in the first nine minutes and then poo in the last minute.

9.       If your dog is not going to potty even if you spend long times with him, make him play. Play some games, make him run, or hop to move his bowels. In this way, he will feel an urgent need to poo.

10.   A Maltipoo will never poop if it is too cold for him. The body will be in a tense condition, and fight or flight response is activated. So, before taking your pup outside in cold weather, remember to dress him appropriately.


Potty training a dog is the most fundamental step in potty training for any dog. Failing to potty train your pup will result in a lot of mess that will irritate you every time. No one likes to step on a log of poop under the staircase, right. Moreover, it’s also not suitable for Maltipoo’s health too!

To potty train your pup, you can take him outside or introduce indoor potty stations if you are a busy person. Maltipoos are intelligent creatures and will make the habit soon if you stay consistent. Remember, your one-day laziness can lose all the efforts you have made for a week before. Follow the guidelines mentioned above to quickly potty train your Maltipoo. Contact us anytime if you are facing any problems during your potty training.