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How to Train a Maltipoo Not to Bark?

Dogs, and especially Maltipoos, are an epitome of cuteness. They love to play and get cuddled. Also, if you have a Maltipoo at your house, you will know how friendly their nature is.

However, sometimes a Maltipoo might cause problems for the owner by barking a lot. It is a behavioral problem and can be triggered by ay factors.

If you are worried about your Maltipoo barking a lot and want a solution, you’ve come to the right place. But before fixing the problem, we should figure out the exact reason and act accordingly. So, let’s find everything in detail.

Do Maltipoos bark a lot?

A Maltipoo is a cross-breed of Poodle and Maltese. Both the breeds are known to be calm and have no aggression issues. The same is with Maltipoos. They bark like other dogs but are not known for barking too much or too loudly.

In short, a Maltipoo does not bark aggressively and continuously.

So, if your Maltipoo is barking a bit, it is a natural behavior and does not need special attention.

Reasons for Maltipoo barking and How to stop it?

As dogs cannot talk, barking is the main method of communication for dogs. Sometimes, a Maltipoo will bark for indicating a need or to convey a feeling to their owners. Owners can only determine if something is wrong with their dog whenever they see a difference in their behavior. However, in most cases, a dog may bark to release anger and frustration.

There are so many reasons for a Maltipoo barking, and every reason requires special care to be treated. Let’s discuss the reasons and their solution.

·        Your Maltipoo is getting bored:

Like any other dog, a Maltipoo will bark when it gets bored. It needs something that can keep it busy. If that does not happen, the only thing that will happen is excessive barking. If the boredom lasts for longer without any interruption, the Maltipoo will keep barking for hours.

However, in most cases, leaving the dog alone frequently for long periods can lead to robotic type yelping, which makes the dog bark rhythmically.

How to fix it?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stop a Maltipoo from barking due to boredom is to train it to play independently. Although dogs love to chew toys and chase their tails to pass their time, some might only consider barking to relieve their boredom.

Giving your Maltipoo toys to play can also help. Dogs love chewing stuffed toys as they are soft and fluffy. Giving your dog toys as a treat and the one that encourages independent play can also help a lot. The toys that can hold the dog’s interest and reward it, like entertainment or interesting noises, can keep the dog busy for hours.

The best idea is to make two or three separate bins for keeping toys. Give a new bin to the dog every week, so it gets interested in discovering new toys. As Maltipoos quickly become attached to their favorite toys, make sure they are always in their sight.

Your Maltipoo is afraid or nervous:

In many cases, barking is caused by fears and nervousness that resides inside the dog and triggers excessive barking. Every dog has its own phobias, and eliminating them is very important to stop them from barking.

Anything that can make the Maltipoo alert can cause it to become vocal. Many factors or phobias can cause a Maltipoo to turn on the ‘’protection mode’’ for itself or the family.

Dogs have stronger hearing sense than humans. It might get afraid of irritating and loud noises that can make him feel in danger. These sounds may include loud horns, sirens, and other high-pitched sounds.

How to fix it?

You cannot do much about this because you cannot stop car horns, police sirens, or your neighbors pulling up the drive each night. Almost all these events are short-lived, so barking should also stop as soon as these events are stopped.

However, you can keep your dog calm in such a situation and make it feel that everything is alright. Overly soothing sounds should also be avoided. You should adopt a calm and positive behavior without letting the dog feel that there is any danger.

Owners should realize that dogs can easily pick up their owner’s feeling. If you get frustrated with its barking and shout, it will trigger the dog to bark even more.

Your Maltipoo wants your attention:

Maltipoos are great companions, and they never want to be left alone. They love to play and go out with their owners. So, it is completely normal for a Maltipoo to bark excessively to get attention.

If an older Maltipoo has a proper schedule and gets everything on time, it will get used to the schedule and won’t bark as much as a puppy for attention. Older dogs know when things and events are supposed to happen. If they don’t happen on time, it can trigger excessive barking to remind the owner.

Maltipoo puppies bark much more than adult dogs because they are active and playful. Even if you played with it an hour ago and plan to take it to a walk, its patience level will be very low and will bark to get your attention.

How to fix it?

To avoid attention-seeking barking of your Maltipoo, you need to follow a proper schedule. You should keep a specific time in the day for walking, playing, and training and follow it.

When the dog knows that everything will happen according to the schedule, it won’t bark a lot to get attention and remind you.

Also, never teach your Maltipoo that it’s barking makes you give attention. The dog will continue this behavior, and it won’t be easy to get rid of it. Your dog needs to know that it will only get attention from barking if there is a valid reason.


Maltipoos may bark excessively due to some reasons, but simple house training can help get rid of it. As they cannot talk, barking is the only way to convey their feelings to their owners. However, a medical condition can also lead to excessive barking as the dog gets frustrated and aggressive.

Finding the exact reason and fixing it accordingly is essential to stop excessive barking.