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Is a Boy Or Girl Maltipoo Better?

The entire universe is busy in solving the riddle of are girls better than boys or vice versa? But even the world’s famous intellectuals failed to answer it. Simply because both genders have their nature entirely different from others; surprisingly, this debate does not remain limited to humans. But it whirls animals too in it.

Now, we humans are so much obsessed with the girls’ versus boys’ debate that we try to select and inspect our pets through the lens of gender. So viewing through this lens question heads up if the boy or girl Maltipoos are better? Let’s try to satisfy your automated gender scale.

What Are The Differences Between Male And Female?

To make your decision easy, we need first to understand dogs’ general psychology, including Maltipoos. In dogs and bitches, I feel Bitches are from Mars, and Dogs are from Venus. Male and female Maltipoo indeed share a general joyful, loving, and affectionate nature, but again, gender pokes nose.

  • Sincere Males Decent Females 

In this case, male Maltipoo is more affectionate and loving towards their masters than female Maltipoo. Moreover, even on getting the gentleman’s age, Male Maltipoo will never let its childishness fade away. In contrast, instead of giggling, female Maltipoo will become decent with age and limit herself to smile.

  • Ms. Attitude Mr. Obedient  

Besides this, female Maltipoos are Ms.attitude! They have their mood to accept the owner’s command or kick it. Hence, lady Maltipoo can be, at times, tough to handle. In contrast, male Maltipoo is obedient and is typically cool and chill. Following the instructions of his owner doesn’t hurt his ego. Hence training Mr. Maltipoo is much easier than Ms.Maltipoo.

  • Why do men love Bitches?

If females are so spoiled, then why Male Maltipoos love Female Maltipoos? The answer is they do not love them; it’s just a natural breeding process. Generally, it is the game of hormones. Do you know female dogs get mature earlier than males?

When female Maltipoos get into the stage of puberty, it gets into the heating phase. This phase means she can mate and make babies. However, male Maltipoo’s, like other dogs, do not have any heat phase but will surely be desperate for females in its breeding phase.  

But there is something very awful about mature male Maltipoo, they urinate. And its not a good toilet pee! They urinate while raising their legs and mark their lands with it… Strange and unhygienic!  

  • Wants to be dominant  

Sometimes female Maltipoos are too obsessed to show their dominance that they hump on the other partner. It has nothing to do with season but with imposing behavior. Regardless of being smaller in size and slightly less in weight, lady Maltipoos will lead. Well, in rare cases, male Maltipoo can hump on her back, telling boys are not coming slow. Though you need to train your sweet Maltipoos not to commit this act as sometimes it can make you too embarrassed in front of others.

Why Might Someone Prefer A Boy Or A Girl?

It totally depends on you. To be very honest, gender in petting Maltipoo doesn’t make a big difference. Instead, it’s all your choice. If you want a companion to gift cute pink headbands and bows, then girl Maltipoo is the right choice. And if you want a companion with short haircuts and all set as a gentleman, go for boy Maltipoo. The blue bow embracing its neck will show its masculinity.  

If you want to undergo how it feels to be auntie or half mother, female Maltipoos are an excellent option. But it would help if you will be quite careful about its breeding season and all processes. Make sure to consult the right vet to avoid any mishandling.

How Much Does It Really Matter?

It matters a bit only if you don’t opt for spaying or neutering depending on the gender of the Maltipoo. It’s a process of removing reproductive organs, preventing your pet from indulging in mating behavior. Spaying is for females, and neutering is for males. However, by undergoing these processes, your Maltipoo will not experience any secondary behavior pattern.

In fact, it can protect your pet Maltipoo from harm. Male Maltipoo usually endangers themselves in harmfulness, like running out of the house on roads to find the so-called soulmate. Whereas, like other species, female Maltipoo can suffer from ovarian cancer, vaginitis, etc.


It really doesn’t matter whatever gender Maltipoo you take away. Because every animal, even under the same species, can carry different attitudes and habits. What really matters is its training and health. And all this depends solely on you. So pick any of the Maltipoo and enjoy the bounties of having a cute hairy joyful friend!

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