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Maltipoo Breeders in New Jersey

When buying a Maltipoo puppy, the breeder matters a lot. It is difficult to find trusted and reputable breeders.

However, if you live in the state of New Jersey, we have made your struggle easier. In this review, you will find the best, and most trusted Maltipoo breeders in New Jersey. Also, we have discussed some essential facts about breeders.

New Jersey

1.   Preferable Pups

Preferable Pups is one of the most dedicated and hardworking teams of breeders in New Jersey. Besides Maltipoos, they sell other small puppies as well. The team pays a lot of attention to making its breeding as well as selling process safe and sound.

We like the fact that Preferable Pups takes all responsibility of providing a healthy puppy. They give proof on where the puppy came from, its health, and arrange all traveling needs.

The website also claims that all their puppies are 100% healthy. They also offer three-month insurance for the puppies. The website ensures to make the perfect match and deliver the puppy that you want.

Contact information:

2.   Furrylicious

Furrylicious is also a reputable team of puppy breeders in New Jersey. Besides Maltipoo, you can find other small dogs as well.

The website claims that their puppies come from professional breeders. After receiving them, they get each of their puppies examined by experienced vets. Furrylicious not only sells Maltipoos, but it is also a pet salon, boutique and grooming station.

From Furrylicious, you can pre-order your puppy as well, or demand your desired puppy on special request.

When you receive your puppy, Furrylicious provides you with its medical record, pedigree papers, and a health guarantee. They sell both purebred and mix-breed puppies.

Contact information:


Phone: (908) 747-4417


3.   Lovely Teacup Puppies

Lovely Teacup Puppies is a team of professional breeders in New Jersey. Ivan Cooper and Ashley Cooper are the owners of this company. They laid the foundation of this program in 2004. Since then, the breeders have earned an impressive reputation in breeding and delivering healthy pups.

The breeders work hard to raise healthy and well-behaved dogs. The breeders claim that they only breed high-quality dogs so that you can get a healthy pup. They also coordinate travel and perform health checks before selling the puppies.

The health guarantee of this website is the best among all the breeders in New Jersey. If the puppy dies due to genetics or is diagnosed with a hereditary disorder within one year of purchase, the company will replace it with a new puppy.

These breeders only ship their puppies on airlines with a pet safety program or use well-specialized animal courier service.

Contact information:


4.   Mystic Creek Puppies

Mystic Creek Puppies is a well-known team of Maltipoo breeders in New Jersey. It extends its branches to different states. They take care of all the puppies and raise them to make them healthy and active.

Besides taking care of the puppies themselves, the breeders always welcome new owners to visit their puppies before purchase. Also, they recommend books to owners that can help them train their dog. The website also contains information about the basic necessities you need when your puppy arrives home.

The breeders claim that all their puppies are current on vaccination and receive the best veterinary care. They train the puppies in such a way that they can adapt to the new environment and families.

Contact information:

Phone: 815.848.4354

5.   Bark Avenue Puppies

Bark Avenue Puppies is a website of well-reputed Maltipoo breeders. However, they do not have puppies available directly for sale. If you want a puppy from them, you need to visit the website and place an order for your desired pup.

We like how the breeders pamper their puppies. Instead of using cages or crates, they use condos for the puppies. Also, they ensure socialization, training, and exercise of the puppies.

The website claims that they receive the puppies from licensed breeders. So, they aren’t for adoption. Each puppy is perfectly trained to keep it healthy and active. However, you can wither shop the puppies or adopt them from Bark Avenue Puppies.

The puppies are vaccinated and come with health warranties. Also, they are microchipped and examined by professional veterinarians.

Contact information:

Phone: (732) 741 – 4175

New Jersey Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

Maltipoo puppies are hard to find, but your journey to seeing your pet will become a lot easier with this review. This review contains a short description of all the famous Maltipoo breeders in New Jersey. All breeders take care of their pups and provide the best environment they could so you get a healthy puppy that will match with your family. So, if you live in N