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Maltipoo Crate Training

Having a dog in your home in always a good idea. Maltipoo dogs have always been loved by people all over the world due to their loving nature and small size. If you have a Maltipoo dog in your house, you would definitely love it as it creates a friendly environment in your house. It not only creates a great bonding with your children but also any elders in the house. However, after adopting the dog, proper care of it should be taken and training must be provided to keep the dog and your family safe.

Can we Crate Train a Maltipoo?

Of course! All dogs can be crate trained. A crate is a small box, or cage, in which you keep your dog. This is usually used to keep your dog safe when you’re away from home. Creating a good environment in the crate will help the dog stay inside instead of trying to leave the crate. Make sure that the crate is of the right size. As Maltipoos are themselves small, a huge crate won’t be needed for them. However, the crate must not be too small as it can make the Maltipoo feel congested.

What are the benefits of crate training?

Some people might feel that crate training is not good for the dog but that’s not the case. A crate-trained dog will have a sense of security and can help dogs save the lives of their owners in case of an emergency. The following are some of the benefits that will help with the crate training of a Maltipoo:

• Once the Maltipoo is crate trained, it helps the dog to enjoy time alone. In some cases, you have to leave your dog at home. If he is properly trained, he will know how to stay in the crate and enjoy his time.

• Crate training also helps your Maltipoo to manage itself while sleeping. If he creates a lot of mess where he sleeps, crate training can be an ideal solution to this. You won’t have to keep cleaning the house again and again and the dog will also learn self-control.

• Maltipoos require a lot of attention to keep them away from any mischief. If your dog loves playing around the house, you will have to keep an eye on them in case if they might break anything in the house or get lost. So, if you need to cook or clean the house, a crate will be a good place to keep the dog so you can manage your work perfectly.

How to crate train your Maltipoo?

Maltipoos are smart and you won’t require much time to train them. They can also be left alone in the house, but long periods of loneliness can cause your Maltipoo to suffer from separation anxiety. 

As no dog likes to soil its den, therefore, crate training is by far the most efficient way of training Maltipoos. Mentioned below are the step by step tips to train your Maltipoo if you don’t have any idea about it.

• Choosing the right crate: 

Choosing a crate is not a difficult task at all as many different crates are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. You just need to select the one that suits best for your Maltipoo. As Maltipoos are small, a huge crate won’t be a good choice. Just choose the one that will give enough space to your dog to easily sit and stand. 

• Make your Maltipoo familiar with the crate:

You need to make your dog feel like the crate is a safe place for the dog. It should feel like a home for him to sleep and relax. So, make sure to keep the crate in a place where the whole family gathers. Introduce the crate to your Maltipoo and make him realize that it is a reward for him. Also, don’t rush! Give your puppy space as it will take time to accept it.

• Feed the dog inside the crate:

This act will convince your dog to stay inside the crate and it will go in more often. The Maltipoo will not immediately go inside the crate to eat food. Start by placing food on the door of the crate, and once the dog starts going in, try to increase the distance. When the Maltipoo feels safe in it, close the door for a few minutes. Make sure to stay with the pet when he is inside in the beginning.

• Make the crating period longer:

Once the Maltipoo is familiar with the crate, increase its time slowly. The Maltipoo might feel uncomfortable in the beginning but gradually he will feel the crate a safe place. Sit with him in the beginning, then after some days, move on to another room and then, go out of his sight. In this way, he will slowly learn to stay alone.

How long will crate training take?

It depends on the dog breeds, but as the Maltipoos are smart dogs, they are trained earlier than others. There is no fixed time, but the training period can range from a few days to even a few weeks.

Precautions to take:

The following precautions should be kept in mind while crate training your Maltipoo:

• Be patient. Keep in mind that your pet will need some time to adapt to the new environment.

• Never put your pet inside the crate as a punishment. He will feel scared and will not go inside the crate the next time.

• Maltipoos under six months of age should not be kept in the crate for long times. Adult Maltipoos can stay for four to six hours but if frequently left alone, they will suffer from separation anxiety.

• Make the crate comfortable for your Maltipoo. You can ask your children to make a comfortable bed for it and decorate its crate so it can consider the crate its home.


We hope this detailed guide will help you to perfectly crate train your Maltipoo. Please make your that you carefully read the precautions as any recklessness can leave a long-term effect on your pets. Maltipoos need to be trained with affection and they will quickly follow your directions.