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Maltipoo Heat Cycle

The heat cycle is observed in female Maltipoos and is called as the time when the female goes into puberty. It is called as the menstruation cycle and is referred to as the dog going into the season. If you are bringing a female Maltipoo to your house and it is not spayed, you should be aware of all the heat cycle and understand it in detail. The Maltipoos heat cycle is very different from those of humans. Therefore, as an owner, you should know about all the aspects. Even if you don’t have any, don’t worry. We have discussed everything in detail below.

When does the heat cycle start?

The heat cycle in a female Maltipoo starts when she enters puberty. The average age recorded for female dogs to enter the heat cycle is 6 months. However, it does vary in different Maltipoos as environmental and hormonal differences also play a great role.

Some females will have their first heat when she is 4 months old. The others might have it when 15 months old. It does vary for each dog and the signs are seen that help you understand that your Maltipoo has started its heat cycle.

What if the heat cycle does not start?

A female Maltipoo that is not spayed will have the heat cycle. Some may experience it early in life while some may take more time. The dog will have its first heat before it is 15 months old. If it does not start after 15 months, you should take it to the vet and seek medical care. Don’t take it immediately to the vet when it turns 15 months old, however, it will require a complete analysis of why it has not entered the heat cycle.

What are the signs of the heat cycle?

When the female gets into the season, the symptoms may slightly differ and the first few heat cycles may be inconsistent until the body falls into a rhythm. The following signs will indicate that your Maltipoo is on heat:

·         Her vulva will become swollen and may become darker. It will be seen so, the owners must note the size of the female’s vulva so they can make sure when the heat has begun.

·         A small amount of blood and mucus will be discharged during this time. If the blood mixes with mucus, it will give a pinkish color. The bleeding may be less than expected and negligible for smaller breed dogs. A small discharge can cause a great mess and the blood can ruin your furniture and carpets. So, hygienic measures should be followed.

·         When the cycle is winding down, the Maltipoo may shed more than usual due to hormonal changes. This is called ‘’blowing her coat’’. The hair loss will be replaced by new hair in a couple of months.

·         When the female urinates, a small amount of blood is discharged and sends a strong signal to unneutered male dogs within 3 miles. They will seem interested in her and will start roaming in your yard. If the female is receptive to mating, she will move her tail to one side. If you don’t want her to mate, keep her inside the house during the heat or get it spayed to avoid such issues.

What are the phases of the heat cycle?

There are normally four stages, however, some owners might experience only one, blood discharge, and change in behavior.

·        Proestrus:

It is the first stage and an increase of estrogen level occurs for about 9 days. Hormonal changes occur and the female is not able to conceive during this stage. She is also not receptive to a male’s advances during the first stage.

·        Estrus:

This stage is referred to as the ‘’heat cycle’’ and the signs will be obvious. An increase in progesterone level will cause a decrease in estrogen levels. This stage can last from 14 to 21 days. However, there is a small range of time during this cycle when the female is receptive to a male, usually 7 to 10 days. This whole stage lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

·        Diestrus:

This stage lasts for 2 months and occurs when the dog comes out of heat. Her progesterone levels will still be rising, however, she won’t be receptive to a male.

·        Anestrus:

This is the last stage called the ‘’resting stage’’. The hormone levels come back to normal and the stage lasts until the first stage starts again.

What behavioral changes are observed in the heat cycle?

According to studies, the female is aware of the cycle and may feel discomfort and abdominal cramping. The females may ‘’nest’’ and move to a quiet area and prefer to stay alone. You should add extra comfort by adding blankets to keep her warm and comfortable.

Some female dogs may become moody and distance themselves. However, some may become closer than ever. She might want attention, tolerate less, and appear restless. You should give time to her exercise to relieve pain and make its behavior back to normal. Also, taking her for a walk is a good idea.

How long does the heat last?

On average, the heat cycle lasts for 2 to 3 weeks when discharge occurs. She will cycle every 5 to 7 months, and twice a year. Maltipoo dogs do not have the menopause stage and if the dog is not spayed, she will continue to have it the entire life. Adult dogs should be spayed as they don’t have much potential to go through the heat cycle twice a year.


Heat is a natural phenomenon that occurs in a female dog when she enters puberty. If you don’t want a dog for breeding purposes, it is a good idea to get her spayed as it is difficult for them to tolerate the pain and behavioral changes during this time. Proper care and hygienic measures should be followed by the owners. Also, it is a good idea to give her exercise and take her to walks on manage her mood swings.