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Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Bay Area

The Bay Area is famous all over the world due to picturesque beaches and brilliant innovation. It is also one of the most desirable and most expensive areas of the United States.

Finding Maltipoo puppies in the bay area is not difficult because you can find many breeders in this area. The Maltipoo puppies found here are also less expensive, and the breeders are trustworthy.

In this review, we have compiled some of the reliable breeders in the Bay Area that sell Maltipoo puppies. Finding the right Maltipoo puppy will be a lot easier for you after reading this review if you live in this area.

1.   Precious Maltipoo Puppies:

Precious Maltipoo Puppies is a team of online breeders. They have experience of 17 years in raising and selling reliable puppies. In this time, the team gained much information about the health and care of Maltipoos and earned a lot of appreciation from their customers.

The breeders work with dedication to ensuring the health of the Maltipoos. Proper exercise and daily swimming session are followed to keep the dogs active.

All the puppies come with a health guarantee and previous vet records at the time of purchase. The vaccination schedule ensures that a licensed vet examines the puppies.

The breeders also ship puppies by air because it is a swift and efficient process. When sent from the airport, the puppies travel in a safe cabin for pets. All the details of the puppies are provided to the receivers, and they ensure the safe arrival of their Maltipoo.

Contact information:


You can contact them through their official website.

2.   Puppy Stars:

Puppy Stars has its own breeding program where the Maltipoos are raised carefully. The owners of this company are Jamie Tracy and Tabby Tracy. The family is raising purebred and mix-breed dogs for 19 years. They ensure a safe and healthy environment for the puppies, where they get lots of love and care.

The breeders are also Vet, and AKC inspected and approved by all. The Maltipoo puppies come with a congenital health guarantee and are completed vaccinated and dewormed before the purchase.

To gain customer satisfaction, the breeders have attached the pictures of original puppies on their official website.

The website does not recommend shipping the puppies to your location. They prefer picking them up. However, if you want to get the puppies shipped, the breeders offer shipping by your Puppy Nanny.

Contact information:


Phone: 641-895-0483


3.   Mark Cudding Maltipoos:

Mark Cudding Maltipoos is a team of breeders based in San Francisco. The family looks after the puppies, and they are home raised with special care. They are a trustworthy family for pet adoption as they have been breeding and selling Maltipoos for more than 8 years.

The family makes sure to provide a healthy environment to the Maltipoos where they can stay active. They also offer a complete vaccination schedule for the puppies and also tell the importance of vaccination.

The breeders also conduct temperament testing of each Maltipoo, so you can rest assured that you are buying the best Maltipoo. The puppies are also dewormed and come with the first set of vaccinations at six weeks of age.

As the breeders breed and sell only Maltipoo puppies, their whole site is filled with great tips and informational content that proves how determined they are for their Maltipoos.

So, Mark Cuddling Maltipoos is a reliable and hardworking team of professionals.

Contact information:



4.   Judy’s Puppies:

Judy’s Puppies is a pet breeder located in the Bay Area. They deal with all kinds of puppies of all breeds. The best part about them is that instead of breeding the Maltipoos in a kennel, they raise them in the house in a loving environment.

In this way, the puppies don’t feel stressed when they move to a new house. The owner gives them lots of love and attention and ensure proper exercise to keep them active and healthy.

All the puppies are fully vaccinated and dewormed before purchase. The breeders also ensure that the puppies are treated by well-licensed vets.

Contact information:


Phone: 925-216-1799


5.   iHeart Teacups:

iHeart Teacups is based in California and has many teacup-sized and mini Maltipoos for sale. They have a very large network and raise and sell puppies of many different breeds.

All the puppies are raised in a safe and clean environment to ensure their health and train them properly. Similarly, the website also provides a health guarantee for 1 year to the buyers.

They ship puppies to many areas. However, you have to pay for the delivery charges, which vary depending upon the location. The site also contains information telling about some tips you should follow to take care of the puppy.

They also allow you to visit their place and meet your puppy before purchase.

Contact information:


Phone: (805) 613-7868



A lot of Maltipoo breeders are located in the Bay Area. However, after reading this review, we hope finding the best breeder for your purchase won’t be difficult for you. All the breeders have hundreds of satisfied customers and offer superior care and training programs to their puppies.

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