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My Dog is Bonded to the Wrong Person- What to do?

Dogs are loving and loyal pets. Many people keep dogs as pets because of their affectionate nature.

Keeping a dog in the house is never a big mess, especially if you have a small teacup-sized dog.

Every dog owner wants to be the favorite person of their dog. Dogs can easily bond with any person because of their loyal nature.

If your dog shares a special bond with you, it will value you more than anything else. It will be excited to see you, share its things with you, and play with you most often.

It is because dogs always want their owners to stay with them, cuddle them, and give them attention.

Can my dog share a strong bond with someone else?

Due to their loyal nature, dogs usually prefer bonding with one person. Most probably their owner.

However, in some cases, your dog can also bond with someone else, something you won鈥檛 like at all. It is less likely to happen that your dog bonds with the wrong person, but it all depends on the nature of the dog.

They choose their favorite person depending on many factors, and it can someone who gives them love and attention. If you don鈥檛 pay attention to your dog or play with it, the dog will make someone else their favorite person.

Why did my dog bond with the wrong person?

If you see your dog is bonded with someone else in the house, or you left it for a few days at your friend鈥檚 home and now the dog bonded with them, it can make you worried.

Every dog has its own way of choosing its favorite person. A lot of things matter in this case, which are described below.

路       Attention:

Dogs always want attention. If you have a small dog, you will notice that it keeps following you wherever you go or like to get your attention.

It is because dogs love to play, and as they have a loyal nature, they expect the same from their owners. However, if you don鈥檛 give it the required attention and time due to your busy schedule, it can bond with someone else in the house that gives it attention.

路       Positive association:

Positive association is the key to a healthy relationship with your dog.

To be more precise, if you feed food to your dog, it will form a special bond with you. If someone else comes to give it food, the dog will feel scared and might not even eat the meal.

Likewise, if you give it treats, the dog will start liking you and form a good bond with you. Dogs like getting treats, and it will make you their favorite person.

If your dog is having a positive association with someone else, it will make a good bond with them. It all depends on the personality and behavior of the person that encourages the dog to like them.

路       Grooming and training:

Grooming and training your dog is one of the best ways to ensure a special bond with it. If you take it regularly to walk, give it a training session every day, the dog will start liking you. Dogs like playing and jumping and the more time you give to its training and grooming, the more special and deeper your bond will become.

If your dog is bonded with someone else, it may be because the person paid a lot of attention to its training and took it walks daily at a fixed time.

How do I bond with my dog again?

If your dog is bonded to the wrong person, it may take some time to break the bond. However, you should also notice whether or not you paid attention to your dog and the amount of time you took out from your busy schedule for your dog.

You can never force your dog to bond with you, but you can always encourage the behavior. It will take time and your dog will continuously want to go to their favorite person.

Here are a few tips that can help create a strong bond with your dog.

路       Play with her/him:

Dogs love anyone who plays with them!

If you want to make a good bond with your dog, play with it as often as you can. Taking it out daily for walks and playing hide and seek and tug of war can also encourage a strong bond. While playing, you should also give it treats as the dog will start liking you again in this way.

路       Be gentle:

If you show harsh behavior towards your dog, it will never like you.

Dogs are cute animals and they deserve to be treated nicely and gently. You should never punish it or talk with it strictly. If you do so, the dog will become afraid of coming in front of you.

So, the more gentle and polite you are, the more quickly you will bond with it. The human personality matters a lot when bonding with a pet. So, always cuddle your dog and pat him gently to show it love.

路       Give your dog meals:

Giving healthy and protein-rich food to the dog can also leave a positive impact. Use the meal-time as a token for creating a special bond with your dog.

Dogs always remember the ones who give them food and pay attention to their healthy meals. In this way, your dog will feel safe and comfortable with you.

路       Sleep with her/him:

Sleeping with your dog can also help encourage a special bonding. You should make it feel as you love it and want to stay with it. If your dog feels safe with you, it will definitely love to sleep in your bed.

路       Give it lots of attention:

Attention is always the best way to make a perfect bond. If your dog is bonded to the wrong person, it will want to go to them. So, make your dog realize that you want it with you. Try playing with it as often and taking it out for a walk.

Also, never leave it alone. The dog will get bored and will want to go to its favorite person.

You’ll Get There

Your dog sharing a bond with the wrong person can cause a lot of problems, including aggression issues if it does not see its favorite person around. Changing this behavior will take some time, as you can never force your dog to like you.

However, playing with it and showing affection can play a significant role in making a good bond with your dog.