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Pros and Cons of Belly Bands for Dogs

Using dog diapers comes with a lot of struggles because dogs do not like wearing diapers. First, they will keep struggling to get rid of the diapers and if you somehow get the diapers on, they will keep trying to scratch them off. This is because most dogs don鈥檛 like wearing diapers as it disturbs them and they will try their best to not wear diapers.

Seemingly, dog diapers and pads are the only way that can save your house and furniture from the excessive urination of dogs. Seeing the discomfort of dogs while wearing diapers, belly bands have been introduced to help dog owners.

What are belly bands?

Belly bands are not to be confused with diapers. Belly bands are a creative solution as they help secure the dog鈥檚 diaper. If the diaper does not fit the dog properly, or the dog keeps getting it off, a belly band will secure it and keep it fixed in its place. No matter how much your dog tries, it won鈥檛 be able to get rid of it.

There is one other use of belly bands as well. If you have a male dog and it is marking in the house or urinating excessively, and not defecating, it will require only a belly band and not a diaper.

A belly band is just like a band that fits around the waist of the dog and covers its private parts. The outer covering of the belly band is waterproof and when it becomes wet, you know that it needs to be changed.

How are belly bands used?

Belly bands are somehow new products in the market and were made for male dogs who have a urination problem. If the dog is also defecating inside the house, a diaper will be used. However, if it faces a problem with urination only, a belly band is to be used in such cases.

If you are using a belly band to secure the diaper, you will wrap it around the waist. Wrap it over a small portion of the diaper so it can secure it. A belly band has Velcro at the ends and therefore, the belly band can be easily worn. You can also use canine suspenders for extra support.

If you are using the belly band alone for the excessive urination problem, it is very easy to use. Choosing the right size is very important. You just have to cover the private parts while wrapping it around the waist. Then, secure it at the ends, and your job is done.

Pros of belly bands:

        Urine inconsistency:

Urine inconsistency causes a lot of problems for the owners as well as the dog. The dog will spray light urine on the floor or furniture, or let out large amounts of urine at once. It can be due to health issues like urinary tract infection, hormonal imbalance, urinary tract infections, etc. Such problems require a medical assistant and treatment that may go for a long time. Meanwhile, belly bands will help you avoid the urine from getting on the floor and furniture.


Territorial marking is the most frustrating feeling for the owners and this problem is more common in male dogs. Some dogs will also mark when they are over-excited. On the other hand, others may mark when they are anxious or feeling scared. While you are figuring out the exact reason, a belly band can prove effective to save you from cleaning the urine again and again at different parts of the house. With a belly band, when the dog marks, it will pee on himself, and this will stop the unwanted behavior.


Belly bands are a good solution when traveling as you may not be able to stop at places when the dog needs to urinate. A belly band can prove handy in this situation. Belly bands can stop any accidents from occurring inside the car, in the hotel room, or the guest鈥檚 place.

        Avoid mess:

Belly bands save you from cleaning the urine mess again and again. When the dog urinates, the urine will be kept inside the belly band and you can change it after every use.

        Easy to wear:

Belly bands are easy to wear for male dogs. They have a Velcro stick and both ends. You only have to wrap it around the waist and secure the ends. The absorbent fabric will help secure the urine.

Cons of belly bands:

路         Belly bands are not to be worn constantly, and you will have to change them from time to time. If the dog urinates excessively, changing the belly band will come with a lot of hassle.

路         If the belly band is reusable and washable, you will need to wash it at least two to three times a day or even more. If the belly band is disposable, it can add extra costs to your budget.

路         The main downside of belly bands is that they do not offer a permanent solution to the urination problem.


Belly bands are a good and effective way to avoid urine from getting into the house and avoids the mess of cleaning. They can also be good for male dog owners who think that diapers seem funny on their dogs. Many people noticed positive results and said that they are satisfied with their multiple uses. However, belly bands, just like diapers, are not a permanent solution to excessive urination and can only be used as a short-term solution.