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Should I Leave Water Out for my Puppy All Day?

As a new dog owner, you might be worried about all the things your dog needs. Of course, they cannot talk to us and convey their feelings. Every dog owner gets confused at a point while understanding their dog’s needs.

One of the common questions that come every dog owner’s mind is ‘’ how much water does my puppy need in a day?’’ Do you want to find out the same answer? Do you want to whether it is safe to leave water out for the puppy all day or not?

Let’s find out!

Do puppies drink a lot of water?

Unlike some animals like the koala and kangaroo cat which can survive without drinking water all day, a puppy needs excess water. The water prevents dehydration and keeps it active.

As puppies have higher energy levels than adult dogs, they spend this extra energy playing and jumping all day long. As they get tired, their body needs more water to keep them hydrated.

You will often notice your puppy drinking water from time to time. It is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Should I leave the water bowl out all day?

Dogs of all ages know how much water they need during the day. Even if they drink more, it won’t be harmful. However, not drinking enough water during the day will lead to dehydration, which will become fatal for the dog.

So, leaving the water bowl outside all day is completely fine. Your puppy should have access to clean drinking throughout the day. In this way, it will keep drinking small amounts of water from time to time.

It would be the best idea to change the water twice a day. Leaving the same water bowl outside for many days can become dirty and catch insects and flies. Clean and safe drinking water is essential for your dog’s health. So, to avoid germs or insects from going in the dog’s mouth, replace the water as soon as it gets dirty.

Things to consider

·       Make it easy to access:

Besides leaving the water bowl outside all day, you should make it easy for your puppy to access. It would be best to place the bowl where the puppy often plays, so it can drink water whenever it wants, without facing any struggle.

·       Keep it away from a toddler:

If you have an infant at your house, make sure to keep the water bowl away from it. Research shows that even a water bowl with 2 inches of water inside is enough to drown an infant. So, make it easy to access for the dog but not for the infant.

·       Housebreaking:

When the puppy drinks more water, it will urinate excessively. So, some trainers might suggest limiting the dog’s water access. However, the risk of dehydration is much more than that of a slow housebreaking process.

So, you should provide it with water at all time. If you want to limit its water needs, it’s best to do at night. Limiting the water access two hours before bed can avoid you from getting up at night and taking it to the washroom.

When housebreaking is over, you can leave water out at night as well.

How much water should a puppy drink in a day?

Besides a few exceptions, your dog should have continuous access to clean drinking water. On average, a puppy needs about half a cup of water every 2 hours. If your puppy stays inside the crate, you should provide water there as well to fulfil its need for water.

Why is water so important for dogs?

Small puppies regularly need water due to their higher energy levels. Your puppy will especially need water after the exercise or a walk.

Water is essential not only for keeping the dog active and feeling good but also to enhance its metabolism and temperature regulation. Especially in the summer season, the puppies keep panting to keep themselves cool.

So, your puppy will frequently need water from time to time during summer. Also, water is essential for all the vital organs. Dehydration can damage the kidneys and disturb the digestion process as well. On the other hand, if your puppy is drinking more water than usual, it can a sign a health issue. To determine the cause, you should have a close look at your dog’s water-drinking routine.


Dogs of all ages need a continuous supply of water to keep them active and healthy. As puppies are active and playful, they will drink water from time to time. In this case, leaving the water bowl out all day is safe.

However, the water should be clean, and you should replace the water inside twice a day to encourage the dog to drink water and keep it healthy.

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