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Should your Maltipoo drink Tap Water?

Keeping a Maltipoo as a pet requires proper care as you, as the owner, are responsible for his health and well-being. Usually, Maltipoo owners do not have to face issues with the cleaning and grooming sessions of the dog as they are smart enough and are trained easily.

However, being an owner, you have to decide what is right for your dog and what鈥檚 not. Many people feel confused about what kind of food they should feed their dog. They search in markets for the best food they could find and then feed it to their Maltipoos.

However, one crucial aspect that should be equally considered by dog owners is what kind of water their dog drinks. It might not be worth considering for new dog owners, but the water you Maltipoo drinks plays a significant role in its health.

Is tap water safe for dogs?

Unfiltered and inexpensive tap water is the privilege of our nation, but unfortunately, it contains contaminants that can be harmful. You might not notice these harmful side effects at the time you drink water, but they accumulate in the body and slowly cause their effects.

According to surveys performed by some organizations, unfiltered tap water contains 316 toxins which are equally harmful to dogs and humans.

What toxins are present in tap water?

The majority of water in the US contains a lot of harmful toxins that can prove fatal for your dog. Therefore, you should never let your Maltipoo drink unfiltered tap water.

Here鈥檚 what you should know about tap water in the US:

路         Fluoride is found in a little amount in almost 60% of the tap water in the US. This is a known toxin and is the cause of many severe diseases like bone deformities, hormone problems, kidney disease, bone loss, and cognitive damage. The cause of bone tumors in canines, osteosarcoma, is also caused by fluoride accumulation. This disease is developed in 8000+ dogs each year in the US.

路         Almost all the tap water contains traces of prescription drugs. The particles are so small that the filters used in water-treatment plants cannot catch them. The dogs then drink this water filled with toxins. The most notable drugs found in tap water are painkillers, birth control, blood thinners, heart medicines, and antidepressants. Even the traces of these drugs are extremely harmful to the dogs.

路         Chromium-6 is a known carcinogen. It is found in the drinking water of almost 200 million Americans.

路          Many public water supplies contain a lot of toxins, including chlorite, chloramine, beryllium, barium, and trichloroethane. These toxins are the case of a number of severe diseases like central nervous system problems, anaemia, high blood pressure, eye and nose irritations, intestinal lesions, immune system problems, and organ damage.

路         Tap water also contains many contaminants like bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, radiological contaminants, protozoans and parasites.

What kind of water is better for dogs?

Many people think that bottled water is better for dogs and humans. Although it is costly than tap water, the question arises if it is really a purer alternative? Not really. Many popular brands sell bottled water, but according to a study, the top 10 brands of bottled water also contained 38 different pollutants.

Bottled water also contains a lot of contaminants and pollutants like bacteria, radioactive isotopes, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizer residue. Thus, bottled water also causes a many health risks; therefore, we think that you should opt for a better option.

Is distilled water suitable for dogs?

Distilled water is created by boiling the water to the extent that all the contaminants and germs in it are destroyed. Distilled water is a good choice, but it also destroys the beneficial minerals found in water that are essential for health. Therefore, distilled water should not be used as a primary source of hydration for the dogs.

According to some studies, distilled water also caused many adverse health effects like changes in the kidney, lower volume of red blood cells, and a negative balance of sodium and chloride in the body. Distilled water also less thirst-quenching, which will cause your Maltipoo to drink and urinate excessively.

What about filtered water?

We think that filtered water can prove to be the best choice for your dog. Filtered water is tap water that is run through filters to clear out any impurities. It does not destroy the natural minerals found in water. The filters clean the water enough that it becomes safe for drinking. However, different filters remove different contaminants, so it鈥檚 essential to know which one is best for you and your dog.


The water your Maltipoo drinks play a significant role in its health. Ordinary tap water might seem fair, but its slow and severe effects can prove life-threatening to your dog. You can also use distilled water, but it also comes with its own side effects. Therefore, the best kind of water for you and your dog is filtered water. A good water filter can be a source of pure hydration for you and your family.