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The 4 Best Dental Chews for Your Maltipoo

Treats and snacks should not be confused with chews. Although all three are for eating, they serve different purposes for dogs.

Treats are a kind of reward you give to your puppy, while snacks are a part of the food. On the other hand, dental chews are also foodstuff but they strengthen the dog鈥檚 teeth and jaws. They are edible, hard, and chewy.

Like snacks and treats, dental chews are not meant to be swallowed immediately. Their primary purpose is to help the dog鈥檚 jaws and teeth work better, so the dogs have to chew them. However, the dogs also enjoy chewing the dental chews.

If you are also looking for the best dental chews that can help your Maltipoos jaws and teeth get stronger, our detailed review will help you a lot. It contains honest reviews and customer feedback along with the pros and cons.

The 4 Best Dental Chews for Your Maltipoo

The Best Dental Chews

1. Kirkland Signature Dental Chews 72 Dog Treats:

The Kirkland Signature dental chews are edible and safe dental chews for a Maltipoo. The handle provides a comfortable grip, and as the dog chews it, the dental chew cleans the teeth from different angles and cleans all kinds of dirt and plaque.


路         The dental chews are cost-effective and a better alternative to Greenies.

路         The chews are gluten-free and grain-free and contain no artificial flavors. So, they are edible and safe for all dogs.

路         They are small in size so that Maltipoos can chew them easily.

路         These Kirkland dental chews efficiently clean all the tartar in the dog鈥檚 teeth.

路         One box lasts for at least two months, which is good for the price.

路         They are solid, and the dogs like its chewy texture.

路         It also freshens the breath of the dog.


路         The chews have a strong smell.

路         Some dogs might get diarrhea from these.

路         They aren鈥檛 vet certified.

2. Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treats (15 – 25 Lb Dogs):

The Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental dog treats are the favorite of almost all dogs. They are perfect for Maltipoos, and each pack contains 45 treats. It also has some essential vitamins and minerals. So, they not only provide dental care, but the vital nutrients also keep the dog healthy.


路         The chews are VOHC accepted, and veterinarian recommended.

路         They also freshen the bad breath of the small dogs.

路         Dogs love its unique and tasty flavor.

路         The dental chews efficiently clean all the plaque and make the teeth shine.

路         They also reduce the dirt build-up in the teeth.

路         Their soft and chewy texture makes them the best dental chews for small dogs.

路         They also smell good, and dogs love their different flavors.


路         They are expensive than other dog treats.

路         If the dog doesn鈥檛 chew it properly, it may make the dog sick.

3. Milk-Bone Fresh Breath Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats:

The Milk-bone Fresh Breath dental chews come in a pack of 25 treats for small dogs, like the Maltipoos. They are ideal for puppies as well as adult dogs. Their patented design helps prevent tartar and reduced build-up in the teeth. They are also VOHC accepted, which makes them safe for all dogs.


路         These dental chews work efficiently on all dogs.

路         Dogs love their taste, and they keep chewing it.

路         It makes the teeth look cleaner in about a week.

路         They also reduce the bad breath from the dog鈥檚 mouth.

路         The dental chews also remove all the plaque build-up in a few days.

路         It also treats sensitive gums and makes the teeth healthy.

路         Their firm and chewy texture make them perfect for small dogs.


路         The results are not immediate. It may take a week to see noticeable results.

路         The chews may cause coughing in some dogs.

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones Grain Free Dental Chews Dog Treats:

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness dental chews are small bones for small dogs. They are no-grain dental chews that keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. They are gluten-free and safe for dogs.


路         These dental chews contain no corn, grain, chicken, wheat, or soy. In this way, the chews are safe for allergic dogs as well.

路         The bones are soft and chewy. So, they are perfect for Maltipoos as they have small teeth.

路         The dogs get delighted and love to eat these chews.

路         They are ideal for dogs with grain and chicken allergies.

路         The flavor is excellent, and they don鈥檛 have any chemical-like smell.

路         As the bones are soft and small, they are the best treats for small dogs.

路         The chews are budget-friendly.


路         The product contains whey, which may make some dogs allergic.

路         Its strong smell might trigger some dogs.


Dental chews cannot replace a toothbrush, but they can help make the dog鈥檚 teeth and gums stronger and healthier. So, dental chews are always a good option to avoid bad breath and efficiently clean the teeth of your Maltipoo.

The dental chews mentioned above have many satisfied customers and are proven to care for your Maltipoos teeth. If you are looking for some budget-friendly and effective chews, the products reviewed above should be your choice.

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