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The 8 Dog Breeds that Don’t Smell

Did you know some dog breeds that don’t smell at all?

Yes, it’s true!

Almost all owners want to keep the stinky smell of their dogs away from their houses. As much as you want to keep a pet, its stinky smell is always disgusting.

If you want an odorless dog as a pet in your apartment, you’ve come to the right place! In this review, we have combined a list of all the dog breeds that don’t smell.

1.   Basenji

The Basenji dog has a short coat and a muscular body. It is known all over the world because it doesn’t bark. However, when hunting, it uses its sight and sense of smell to hunt prey.

They have a unique temperament and can easily adapt to the life of an apartment. Their short coat makes them the least smelly dogs.

A Basenji is very friendly towards people as well as strangers. However, training this dog is a difficult task. It understands your commands, but whether it will follow them or not depends on its mood.

Luckily, these dogs love to play and have a lot of energy.

2.   West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier dogs are the cutest middle-sized dogs, with a height of 10-11 inches. They are energetic and playful dogs. Their small size and odorless coat make them the best home pets.

These dogs are also easy to train and they can adapt quickly to the new environment. However, they shed a lot.

Many West Highland White Terrier dogs are a part of rescue teams due to their high energy levels. They don’t have temperament issues and can get along with everyone.

These dogs are best to be kept in an apartment. However, they don’t adapt quickly to life outside. Besides, they are intelligent and smart.

3.   Havanese

Havanese dogs are loved all over the world due to their long and silky hair. They are small and friendly dogs with a playful and affectionate nature.

Many people call them lap dogs due to their small size and temperament. However, they also excel in dog sports and competitions. They are very energetic and intelligent dogs.

The Havanese can easily go along with the family members and make friends quickly. They are easy to train and don’t bark a lot.

However, the owners have to take care of them because they do shed. Similarly, they need regular exercise because they can easily gain weight.

4.   Whippet

The Whippets are tall hunting dogs, often used to guard the house. They are playful and affectionate dogs. They are good to keep as pets, but their primary purpose is hunting. They actively participate in dog races and competitions as well.

The Whippets are odorless and non-shedding dogs. They are super-easy to train and don’t bark or howl. In this way, they are good home pets. They are generally 18 to 22 inches tall and weigh between 20-50 pounds.

Their high energy levels make them active, and they don’t need much exercise as they don’t gain weight quickly. The Whippets can go along with people and strangers quickly as well.

5.   Schnauzer

Among all breeds, the miniature Schnauzer is the most loved home pet. Their friendly nature and loyalty make them go along with new family members and other pets. Besides, they are intelligent and smart.

That is why they are super-easy to train. As they don’t face any temperament issues, the miniature Schnauzer are called lap dogs. The best thing about them is their odorless coat. They like to stay clean while playing.

Schnauzers don’t shed a lot as well. When at home, they spend their time playing with family members instead of barking.

6.   Maltese

The Maltese are cute and small-sized dogs with an affectionate nature. They are great home pets as well.

These purebred dogs are also used for crossbreeding due to their positive characters. Their long and shiny coat inspires people, and their obedience and intelligence makes them the perfect pet for an apartment.

The Maltese can become friends quickly. However, they are a little nervous in front of strangers. They are 8 to 10 inches tall, and weigh between 5 to 10 pounds. Besides, they are great companions.

They are easy to train and hypoallergenic dogs. Due to their high energy levels, they need a lot of attention and sufficient exercise to keep them active and healthy.

7.   Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog with sparkling eyes and a clean and soft coat. These dogs often give a wolf-like look. However, they are friendly and affectionate and are excellent pets.

These dogs come in different sizes, from tiny to very large. The large ones cannot live in an apartment. Also, these dogs need special training, so they aren’t suitable for new owners.

Besides, the Siberian Husky is very sensitive and cannot live alone. It can go along very well with family members, strangers, and other dogs. Also, it barks a lot and sheds as well.

Due to their high energy levels, these dogs need sufficient exercise and daily walks.

8.   Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dogs are small and cute puppies. Their name means ‘’little lion’’, but they aren’t fierce.

Instead, they are called lap dogs. They make great home pets and love following their favorite people from room to room. Their friendly and affectionate nature allows them to make new friends quickly.

They can also live alone for some time and don’t hesitate in front of strangers or other dogs. Although they don’t bark, they can take some time to get trained. Also, their energy level is not high, so they need a little exercise.


Many dog breeds don’t leave a stinky smell in your house. However, finding one might be a bit difficult. We hope this review helps you find your desired puppy. All the dog breeds are affectionate and jolly, so you can become great friends with them.