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The Best Diapers for Dogs in Heat

A female dog that is not spayed will experience heat cycles from time to time. They are experienced twice a year. A dog will have its first heat when it is 4 to 6 months, or older, up to 15 months. This might be a hard and challenging time both for the owner as well as the dog as many changes are observed. The dog might become moody and stay alone, or it might become closer than ever.

The most challenging part of the heat cycle is that the blood is discharged with mucus from time to time. If the dog is sitting on the furniture or carpet, the blood will be left there, eventually causing discomfort and making the place dirty.

How to keep the house clean when the dog is on heat?

Although small breed dogs do not bleed much during the heat, even the little amount of blood left on the furniture or carpet can cause an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, proper hygienic measures should be followed to keep the house clean and stay away from diseases and infections.

Of course, you cannot wash the carpet and furniture from time to time to remove the bloodstains. If you have to do so, I’m sure you would have been tired of this job as it’s not easy. The heat cycle lasts for 2 to 3 weeks, and proper care should be provided during this time.

A very well-known and popular idea to cope with when the dog is on heat is the use of dog diapers. Due to the fuss and hard work the owners have to face when the dog is on heat, dog diapers have proved beneficial. They have greatly reduced the problems of owners as they offer a safe and comfortable solution to the blood discharged during the heat.

What are the benefits of dog diapers?

Dog diapers have gained much popularity and have come in very handy for dogs in heat. They are highly demanded by dog owners due to their multiple benefits, some of which are listed below:

·         The dog diapers help to accumulate the blood discharged during the heat cycle. The blood can ruin the home as it can be left on carpets, blankets, and furniture, which are the most difficult to clean. Many kinds of dog diapers are available to cope with this situation, the reusable and disposable ones.

·         The female dogs start urinating more frequently when it is on heat. The dog diapers are adjustable and will provide a leak-proof fit to your dog. Also, some of the diapers can quickly absorb the liquid to prevent any leakage. For extra leakage protection, you can also buy washable pads along with the diapers.

·         Male dogs start lurking around when the female is on heat as it gives out a strong smell that signals the un-neutered dogs. If your dog is wearing a diaper, you can stay calm as the diaper will get her private areas covered and act as a pregnancy preventer.

Recommended diapers for dogs on heat:

Seeing all these benefits, owners feel that their dog is safe with a diaper when on heat. It will not only prevent the discharge of blood from ruining the house but will also keep the dog comfortable and safe from male dogs. There are a lot of dog diapers available online on Amazon. We have reviewed the best we found:

1. BWOGUE Premium Dog Diapers:

The BWOGUE Premium Dog Diapers are one of the best sellers on Amazon due to their durability and comfort. These diapers are made true to size and the dog feels comfortable in the perfect fit. People like the fact that they can put a sanitary pad inside the diaper easily and then throw it later.

These diapers are the best options if you want to try something new as many colors are available with cute designs. These diapers cover the vital areas very well, can easily fit, and the fabric is of good quality. They are also easy to wash and retain their ideal size and perfect shape even after multiple washes.

2. OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers:

Out! Disposable female dog diapers are somehow convenient for most owners as they get rid of washing the diapers again and again. Coming at an affordable price, these diapers are discharged after every use. These diapers stay well on the dog’s body and provide a good fit. They also prevent any kind of leakage to keep the dog and the house clean.

Although thin, the diapers hold urine well and also work great when the dog is on heat. People feel happy after buying these diapers as the dogs also feel comfortable in them. The glue is great and does not let the diaper fall off or slip while the dog is running and playing.

3. Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers:

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers have received many positive reviews and people love how great a fit they provide. The leg holes are the ideal size and make the dog comfortable while walking and running. Many users claimed that these diapers do not let the urine leak and can hold it for a long time.

As these diapers are reusable, people like the fact that they can wash and use them again and again instead of disposing of the diaper after every use. The sizing is just right and everything is clearly explained on the sizing chart. A great variety of cute colors and designs have inspired a large number of customers.

Also, the diaper has cushioned padding on the inside to increase absorbency. The fabric is also great and flexible to keep the dog comfortable even after wearing the diaper for a long time.


Dog diapers are highly demanded by dog owners all over the world. Besides being budget-friendly, they save the owners from a lot of hassle and keep the dog comfortable and safe as well. Therefore, using a dog diaper when your dog is on heat is the best idea.