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Top Reasons Why ‘’My Dog Stopped Sleeping With Me’’

Our dogs are our best friends. They are loyal and loving. Because of this, a dog will immediately become a member of the family when it arrives. Our dogs show all these gestures of love in their own ways. They get excited when we come home and stay with us all the time.

One of the best ways of showing their love is by sleeping next to you. Nighttime snuggles and cuddles are favorite things of dogs. But have your dog stopped sleeping with you? Are you worried about this sudden change in its behavior? Let’s find out the reasons for it.

dog and lady in bed

Why does my dog love to sleep with me?

Your dog always sleeping with you or near you is a sign of affection as they feel safe and comfortable around their owners.

When your dog is a little puppy, he will be more likely to want cuddles and get excited whenever you return home. During this time, your puppy will always want to sleep in your lap to get some cuddles. It will come into your bedroom and sleep as near to you as possible. This is just a way of them getting loved.

Over time, when your puppy starts growing into an adult dog, it might slowly or suddenly stop sleeping with you. You might find them sleeping on the floor or other areas of the house. Most owners get worried if their dog stops sleeping with them.

However, you have to keep in mind that it is not necessarily bad if your dog stops sleeping with you. Also, it does not mean that their love has vanished with time. However, it can still be a matter of concern to you, and you will surely be worried to find out the reason for this sudden change in your dog’s behavior.

What caused my dog to stop sleeping with me?

We can never find out the exact reason for your dog’s change in behavior. Many of their behaviors will always remain a mystery for us. However, we have listed a few reasons that could cause your dog to not sleep with you.

·        Your dog’s preferences have changed:

Your dog’s preferences will change with time. You could cuddle it and make it sleep with you or keep it the way you wanted it to. But when it grows into an adult dog, it might start to exhibit different preferences. So, it is more likely that they will choose another resting and sleeping place instead of sleeping with you.

·        Your dog does not like a new addition to your bed:

If you have a new addition to your bed, your dog might not like this change. It can be another pet like a cat or dog, or it can be your partner. Your dog will feel stressed, and it will take a couple of hours for it to calm down. If your dog does not like anyone else sleeping with you, it will just move out and find a new place to sleep.

·        Your dog enjoys having variety:

If your dog feels comfortable sleeping at a new place every time, it will sleep less with you. Dogs are den animals, meaning that they are used to hide and sleep in dark places. Your dog might start sleeping in places like under the sofa, a table chair, a desk, or a stool.

·        Your dog wants to protect you:

Your dog not sleeping on the bed might be because it wants to protect you when you are sleeping. It feels you are its responsibility. If it starts sleeping on the doorway or floor in your room, it wants to protect you from enemies.

·        You toss and turn too much:

If you toss and turn a lot while sleeping, this can make your dog uncomfortable. It won’t be a problem for you, but it can disturb your dog’s sleep. Eventually, it will stop sleeping with you and find a new place away from any distractions.

·        Your dog is in pain:

As dogs grow older, they can face some health issues like arthritis, hip disorders, or injuries. Their bones also become weak with time. As the beds are higher than the floor, they can face difficulty in getting in and out of bed. Hence, they will prefer sleeping somewhere else.

·        Your dog is feeling hot:

The normal body temperature of dogs is higher than humans. If a dog feels hot at night, the reasons may be the following:

·         The bedsheet is too thick.

·         The air conditioner is off.

·         The bed is small, and you both are touching each other.

Sleeping together in winters will be okay for dogs, but they will find a new place if they feel like sweating with you in summer.

·        Your dog thinks you don’t want them in bed:

This is a strange thing owners usually cuddle their dogs when in bed, and they have never pushed them away while sleeping. However, if you reward your dog and give it treats for sleeping in other places like the floor or couch, it will think that you don’t want it in bed.

What should I do?

If you know the cause, you can easily find out the solution.

You should make your dog feel comfortable in the bed through positive reinforcement. Show them some love and reward them with treats when they come into bed.

You can also make the room’s environment more suitable according to your dog by making the bed larger and turning on the air conditioner.

If you exercise your dog throughout the day, its energy will be drained by night. It can help your dog get better sleep, and you can convince your dog to sleep with you.


Your dog not sleeping with you can be due to many reasons. It is nothing to worry about, and don’t feel like your dog doesn’t love you anymore. You should give it some space and understand that they may just prefer sleeping alone.

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