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What Colors Can A Maltipoo Be?

Maltipoos are one of the most affectionate and smart home pets. Although it is a designer breed, people love to keep them in their homes due to their cool personality and small size.

Due to their increasing demand, many breeders have started to breed the Maltese and Poodle and obtain Maltipoos.

However, as it is a hybrid breed, some breeders don’t use the right parent dogs, which results in different sized Maltipoos.

For example, you need the purebred toy Poodle and purebred toy Maltese to obtain the Maltipoo with the desired characteristics. Some breeders might not use the toy Poodle, which results in a larger-sized Maltipoo.

What Colors Can A Maltipoo Be

How do you get Maltipoos of different colors?

In the beginning, breeders had specific Maltipoo colors which the puppies obtained from their parents.

To get different colors, the breeders crossbred the Maltese and Poodle of different colors. For example, a brown Maltese and brown Poodle produced offspring that was brown.

On the other hand, the white Poodle and brown Maltese often resulted in a skin-colored Maltipoo. As these different colors inspired the customers, the breeders started using different techniques to get different colors of Maltipoos.

Breeders are now becoming fancier, and we can now get multi-colored Maltipoo puppies as well. The advancement of DNA tests also enables breeders to produce different coats of different colors.

So, the Maltipoos are available in almost every color.

Different colors of Maltipoos

Today, Maltipoos of several colors are available in the market. Let’s discuss some of them.

·        Brown:

The brown color of Maltipoos is common and is obtained by crossbreeding a brown Maltese with a brown Poodle.

This color is much darker than golden or bronze. Many people call it a chocolate bar as this deep color feels soft to the eyes. The Maltipoo is brown from head to toe, including the eyes and nose.

·        White:

White is the most common color found in Maltipoos because it is the standard color of the Poodle and Maltese. Almost every breeder will have a Maltipoo with a white coat. People also like this color as it adds cuteness and charm to the overall look of the Maltipoo.

·        Cream:

The cream color makes a soft and decent coat. We often call it ‘’off-white’’. Most owners with cream-colored Maltipoos will call their dogs white. However, both the white and cream colors are distinctive from each other.

The cream color is also common as it the white-colored gene which takes over the coat color. Such dogs also have a dark color on certain spots. For example, the eyes and nose will be dark grey. The Maltipoos also have pinkish skin under their cream coat.

·        Red:

The red Maltipoos are highly demanded. However, these Maltipoos are also very rare. So, if you want a red Maltipoo, it will take a longer time to find the best one.

The red-colored Maltipoos are not pure and deep red. Instead, they have a darker brown coat, more specifically a mahogany red coat. In most cases, the Maltipoo will have a dark red colored coat as a puppy, and the color will fade and turn light as it reaches adulthood.

Red is a standard color in Poodles, but it is rare in Maltipoos. The red Maltipoo is often obtained by crossbreeding a red-colored Poodle with a tan-colored Maltipoo.

·        Blue:

You might be surprised after knowing that Maltipoos exist in blue color. Yes, they do! However, this color is very rare, and you cannot get them from any breeder.

The blue color is very deep, and people have often mistaken it as black due to its bright and dark shade. However, one can only notice this shiny blue color in sunlight.

As this blue color is based on skin pigmentation, the paw pads, nose, and eye rims of the Maltipoo will be blue.

In many cases, the puppy is born all black, and as it grows, the coat lightens. In this way, the Maltipoo turns blue as it reaches adulthood.

·        Apricot:

Many people love the apricot color of Maltipoos because it makes the dog look like a small teddy bear. However, this color is a mix of the brown and cream color, which gives rise to a light apricot-like color.

As apricot is the Poodle’s official color, one can easily obtain an apricot-colored Maltipoo by crossbreeding an apricot Poodle with a white and tan Maltipoo.

The apricot Maltipoo is not the same color all over. It has some white color on the coat and black color on the eyes, nose, eye rim, and toenail.

Like other rare colors, the apricot color also lightens with time. So, it is better to choose a Maltipoo with a darker apricot color.

·        Gray:

Gray Maltipoos are very cute, and their small size makes them even more attractive in this color. Most times, the Maltipoo is born dark black, and the coat color fades as it grows old.

The Maltipoo’s coat often turns grey at the age of two. However, they will still have some black spots on their body. Many Maltipoos also turn silver in color as they grow older.

You will know whether your Maltipoo puppy will grow grey or not when it is six months old. Gray is also a rare color among Maltipoos.


Just as exciting it is to have a Maltipoo, buying a Maltipoo with a different colored coat is also charming. You can get Maltipoos of different colors, some being more common while some are rare. However, it is better to discuss the color you want from the breeder.

Generally, obtaining Maltipoos of different colors requires several generations to breed, which may cost you extra money if you need a rare color.

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