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What is the Maltipoo’s Temperament?

Maltipoos are fun-loving and playful dogs. They love to be cuddled and given attention. That is why they are regarded as the best home pets. They are smart dogs and can be easily house-trained. Also, they like to stay clean and don’t mess around the house. Their cuteness and loyalty have attracted many people towards them as they want to be treated just like babies. If you have a Maltipoo at your house, you would be happy with how they make the whole environment fun and loving with their friendly nature.

What is the temperament of Maltipoos?

If we want to know the temperament of a dog, we should observe the behavior of its parents. Of course, each dog has a different personality, but they do inherit the traits and behavior of their parents.

A Maltipoo is a cross-breed of the Maltese and Poodle. Both are loyal and loving dogs without any kind of aggression. Therefore, Maltipoos are also fun-loving and caring dogs with a calming nature. They are both lap dogs as well as companion dogs.

What does a lap dog mean?

When we talk about Maltipoos, we often hear that they are lap dogs. But what does that actually mean? A lapdog is not used for a dog who will sit in your lap all day. Instead, it is used for the dogs who are small enough to come in the lap and have the temperament to stay there. As Maltipoos are not aggressive but loving, as well as small in size, we call Maltipoos as lap dogs.

What does a companion dog mean?

Companion dogs are the dogs who prove to be great partners. Of course, all dogs are loyal and great partners. But in specific, these dogs are not harmful. They do not bite, bark excessively, or hurt you when aggressive or facing any behavioral issue. In fact, they will always stay calm and enjoy your company and attention.

Maltipoos are cute and great companion dogs. They do not bite, bark excessively, or hurt their owners. Therefore, Maltipoos are the best choice to have if you live alone. They will always keep you busy and amused with their playful nature and won’t ever let you feel alone.

Are Maltipoos yappy?

Maltipoos are not yappy like other dog breeds. Maltipoos are very quiet dogs and they rarely bark. Most of the owners of Maltipoos claim that their dogs are not yappy but quiet and loving. However, Maltipoos can start barking excessively with any environmental or behavioral change. As they love to be surrounded by people, frequent periods of loneliness can make them yappy and you will notice a great change in their behavior.

Are Maltipoos different from other dogs?

Yes, Maltipoos are a bit different from other dogs, and that is mainly due to their personality. Most dogs face behavioral issues and start being aggressive too often. These cause a lot of problems for their owners. They also bark excessively and are more likely to bite their owners if they are not in the mood to do something. In the case of Maltipoos, there is rarely such a case. Maltipoos like attention and love and will never harm their owners intentionally.

What are the elements of a Maltipoo personality?

 Maltipoos have adopted all the positive aspects of their parents and therefore, they have a lot of good elements in their overall personality which make them the most loved dogs by all owners.

·        Friendly nature:

Maltipoos quickly become friends once they are introduced to your family or friends. They like to play and make new friends. This fact makes them easily get along with other pets in the house as well. Therefore, Maltipoos are not called watchdogs.

·        Activeness:

Maltipoos are very active dogs and have a lot of energy, especially when young. That is why they keep playing around the house and love to go for walk outside. As Maltipoos are good to keep as pets in apartments, you should always make sure to take them to a walk daily so they can release their energy. Exercising your Maltipoo is also very important.

·        Loyalty:

Maltipoos are very loyal to their owners. Although they are not watchdogs and cannot be used for protection, they will always try to keep their owners safe and will never hurt them intentionally. They form a close and deep bond with the family.

·        Smartness:

Maltipoos are smart dogs and can be trained quicker than other dogs.

What if my Maltipoo is being aggressive?

Maltipoos can become aggressive and this is a behavioral problem. It can be due to many reasons like health issues, change of environment, or leaving the Maltipoo alone for long periods. If your Maltipoo suffers from aggression, you should get a complete checkup and determine the cause because Maltipoos are not naturally aggressive.


Maltipoos are sweet and loving dogs and we all love them as pets due to their smart and loyal nature. Maltipoos do not face temperament issues as they have a friendly nature. However, some environmental changes or health issues can trigger aggression and you will notice a change in their behavior. You should get them checked as soon as possible.

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