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When Should I Vaccinate my Maltipoo?

Like humans, vaccination is necessary for dogs as it saves them from many deadly diseases. Vaccines protect your puppies and dogs from infections caused by diseases and viruses, such as the parvovirus.

Just as important vaccination is, following the proper vaccination schedule is more important. The best solution for this is to consult a vet. Too many vaccines at the same time or the same place can become fatal for your dog.

What is Parvovirus?

Parvovirus is one of the deadliest diseases that can infect any puppy. It usually develops when the Maltipoo is young and can prove fatal. However, vaccination can help avoid this disease.

Parvovirus is also known as parvo or Canine parvovirus. It can quickly spread from one puppy to another. If a dog with parvo poops at a place and a parvo-free dog smell the poop, it will also start showing signs of the disease.

The following are the symptoms that your Maltipoo is infected with parvovirus:

·         Lack of energy

·         Fever

·         Vomiting

·         Diarrhea

The first sign will be the lack of energy, and then other signs will start showing soon. As soon as you suspect these signs, immediately take your Maltipoo to the vet.

Why is Vaccination Important?

Vaccination is important because it improves the body’s immunity to a particular disease. Vaccines contain the weakened agents of the disease that act to provide immunity against the disease. When the vaccine is injected into the puppy’s body, its immune system will become more activated, and its ability to fight diseases will become strong.

As soon as the immune system finds a weakened disease, the puppy’s body will react to it and destroy it completely. Then, the immune system will start preparing itself for future encounters. The white blood cells have become familiar with fighting that particular disease. So, whenever the disease tries to attack again, the white blood cells will do their job.

Therefore, vaccination is essential because it prepares the immune system and makes it strong before the disease’s attack and can save your puppy from life-threatening diseases.

At What Age should I get my Maltipoo Vaccinated?

The age of the puppy needs to be considered when you are vaccinating it. The puppy should be old and mature enough to defend itself from the vaccines.

Giving vaccines to dogs and puppies requires careful planning. Therefore, the schedule must be followed to avoid any inconvenience while vaccinating. The time gap between vaccinations is also very important, as it ensures that the antibodies have time to be formed.

You should vaccinate your Maltipoo when it is a puppy. Its age should be six weeks. However, most vets recommend getting the Maltipoo vaccinated when it is 5 weeks old.

Maltipoo Vaccine Schedule:

We recommend the following schedule for your Maltipoo’s vaccination.

5 weeks:

·         Parvovirus (if your Maltipoo is at a high risk of parvo, check with your vet)

6 – 8 weeks:

·         Parainfluenza, distemper

·         Bordetella (optional)

10 – 12 weeks:

·         Distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza (DHPP) vaccines.

·         Coronavirus, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease (optional)

12 weeks or older:

·         Rabies

14 – 16 weeks:

·         DHPP

·         Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Bordetella, Lyme disease (optional).

12 – 16 months:

·         DHPP, Rabies

·         Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Bordetella, Lyme disease (optional).

Every 1 -2 years:

·         DHPP

·         Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Bordetella, Lyme disease (optional).

Every 1 – 3 years:

·         Rabies (it depends on the law).

What are the Dangers of Multiple Vaccines?

When giving vaccines to small puppies, extreme caution must be practiced because a minor inconvenience can prove fatal for your Maltipoo. A few veterinarians are so irresponsible that they will give multiple vaccines to your dog. Therefore, always choose the best vet when it comes to vaccination.

Some vets think that the disease in the vaccination is weak. So, the Maltipoo will remain safe. But that’s not true! The body’s immune system must respond to individual threats, and introducing several threats simultaneously will confuse the puppy’s immune system.

The puppy’s immune system will not be able to handle the massive invasion, leading to the suppression of the immune system. Thus, appropriate antibodies will not be produced against the vaccines.

Instead of the puppy being strong, its immune system will become extremely weak, and it will take time to recover. The puppy will also be prone to many severe diseases during this period as its immune system will not have the potential to fight against the diseases.

How can I Assure Safe Vaccination of my Maltipoo?

Whenever your Maltipoo is being vaccinated, keep an eye on the vet and what he is doing. Some vets give a booster shot along with a Rabies shot. Such a combination is severely harmful to your puppy and can prove to be fatal.

Also, check if your vet is giving a corona shot to your adult Maltipoo. Corona is only found in young dogs, so there’s no use in giving corona shots to adult dogs. Keeping an eye on the vaccination process will also let you know how knowledgeable your vet is.


 Vaccinating your Maltipoo is very important to keep it healthy and safe from deadly diseases. Such diseases are contagious and can also spread to other family members. Therefore, vaccinations should never be ignored. Following a proper vaccination schedule and keeping an eye on the vaccination process can prove beneficial for your Maltipoo.

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