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Why Does My Maltipoo Growl At Me?

You must be wondering why your cute little Maltipoo started growling all at once? Or why he starts growling hysterically sometimes? Aren’t you able to find any clue to stop it?

Growling, especially the continuous one, is problematic for every Maltipoo owner. However, there is always a good reason for your pups growling, and you can calm him easily just by lending a keen eye on his surroundings and habits

We are here to take your back and give expert suggestions. Continue reading, and we will let you all about Maltipoos growling and how you can calm your little friend quickly.

Maltipoos don’t bark usually!

Maltipoos are quite adorable and everyone is friendly lap dogs. This cute, cuddly fluff ball usually gets along with everyone very well. The bark is often quite soft, and they are never very noisy. However, sometimes they do growl. Growling in a time being is quite natural. Still, if it gets usual or seems more uncommon for him, there can be a severe problem!

Growling is usually a warning sign, following a low tone slight barking. This is indicative of danger nearby. It is a unique type of vocalization warning everyone to leave the place instantly.

When the dog has lowered its body in a pre striking condition, it’s a warning sign that it can attack at any moment if you don’t bother to leave the place yourself.

When the dog combines growling with teeth snapping, he is warning that he has sharp teeth that can bite you anytime.

There can be multiple reasons for Maltipoo.s growling, showing signs of fear, uneasiness, and anger. These causes can be as following:

Reasons for Maltipoo’s Growling And How You Can Manage it:

There Can Be An Enemy:

If an enemy or something Maltipoo considers dangerous enters into its territory or is too close, the slight barking can instantly turn into heavy growling. A Maltipoo may grow at the sight of other dogs, cats, unfamiliar humans getting too close, and huge vehicles. You can simply try to move those things away, get your little friend in your lap, and soothe him.

The Sight of Another Maltipoo!

A Maltipoo can also growl at another Maltipoo. So, you must not try to make them go very close. They are doing so if they don’t consider the other participant not very humble and friendly. Don’t worry, it is always two-sided. So, don’t push things up for your baby.

He Can Be Facing Some Health Issues:

A Maltipoo may be aggressive and continuously growling if he is facing some issues with his health. That’s the most probable reason why he suddenly started growing when he was a relatively little cuddle pup before. It can be indicative that he is facing some severe pain.

Dogs usually are very vulnerable when ill! They attack every human approaching them in this state and show their anger by snarling, growling, and even biting their owner. So, don’t throw a fit if your little best friend has changed a lot lately. Look if he is ill somewhere. Never be late in contacting your vet in this very case.

Even if you visited the vet lately, there can be a chance that he encountered issues after that. Opt for a complete medical check-up. And please don’t put your ears on hundreds of them selling their training programs. Never ever go for a program until unless you are sure your pup is entirely healthy.

Unknown Status Of A Human:

When a dog growls at a human family member, it is usually indicative that he is not aware of his status. He may consider him a stranger and is trying to warn and protect you as a good dog. You can then try to make him more familiar slowly, calm him. You can also show affection with this very person yourself, so your pup may even know he is not a danger.

He is Feeling Bored:

Maltipoos are playful creatures and cannot tolerate loneliness and boredom. So, if you are super busy in office work or some other things and can’t spare a good time for your friend, he may start growling to gain your attention. If your Maltipoo is growling at you, it’s time you shut your laptop and play with him. Cuddle him and show that he is vital for you. You can also go for a short walk or buy him some toys to fill his time with fun activities. Options are endless.

Teething Gets Out Of Hand:

Teething is difficult for most small pups. It can be painful, as well as itchy. You Maltipoo will try to chew everything in front of him then. In this time, he growls and barks a lot due to persistent irritation and massive heat.


A dog’s growling from time to time is natural. However, you need to pay immediate attention when it becomes frequent. For your ease, we have listed multiple possible reasons for your pup’s growling and have suggested the solution along with. Always look into the surroundings and look if anything is frightening for your little dog. Remove it immediately and calm him. Do not touch him instantly when he is growling at you or some other family member. If the problem persists, contact your vet right away.

Share with us if there can be other possible reasons for Maltipoo growling in the comments section.