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Why Maltipoo eats grass and how to stop it?

A Maltipoo is a cute little hybrid healthy creature. This mixed breed is most commonly known for its beneficial body type and disease resistance. However, it is not unlikely that some of the times they may get ill. If they get any kind of illness, it must be related to the change in the environment or poor eating habits.

You must have sometime seen your little canine eating grass. However, instead of your forbidding, Maltipoo again goes to the garden, eat the same and end up having an upset stomach. Dogs can develop stomach disorders and sometimes relatively serious when they start feeding on herbs. So, many dog owners are anxious about their habit and search for a way to avoid it. If you are reading this article, you must be searching for how to prevent your Maltipoo from eating grass. So, continue reading to learn a lot more about Maltipoos habits of eating greens and how to avoid them.

Why Dogs Feed On Grass?

The most common reasons why dogs feed on grass are as under:

It is in their genetics:

Eating grass was common in wild dogs, and that was because of the increased competition present in them. They preferred meat, but if they find none, they can stroll and find some leafy stalks for themselves or an excellent bone for lavish dinner. So, you can say it is in their genetics to eat anything they find to survive.

They are having food cravings

Some veterinarians suggest that dogs, including Maltipoos, get some intense cravings for a particular type of foods. So, if your dog suddenly starts feeding on grass, the most probable reason is that he is having an appetite for that just like humans. Cravings can be due to malnutrition in canines, mostly when the body is lacking certain minerals or vitamins. So, the body and mind are automatically attracted to the stuff that has that substance. Moreover, Maltipoos while teething may face severe irritation, and they tend to chew and eat whatever may come in front of them.

You are not giving a proper diet:

You need to remember that all canines are not completely carnivores. Likewise, dogs are canines, but they also need greens to ensure a healthy balanced diet and body. So, if you are lacking green in your pet’s diet, the dog may look for that himself and may find grass appetizing. It fulfils their nutritional requirements and also their cravings.

Induce Vomiting:

Dogs, like all other animals, work on their instincts. They may use grass to self induce vomiting. It is just a hypothesis which is also possible the other way round. However, many veterinarians strongly believe that dogs eat grass when they have an upset stomach. It is done to induce vomiting to empty stomach contents to get instant relief. The grass is irritating for canines stomach, so they tend to vomit as soon as they eat it. Moreover, the neuroreceptors in the gut also identify grass as a pollutant. So, they instantly signal the brain to omit it out along with other stomach content.

Therefore, you must have seen healthy dogs chewing the grass entirely and then swallow it. However, the sick ones tend to it, gobble and ingest as it is so, the prickly ends can irritate the stomach lining to get a faster response.

How You May Help Your Little Pet?

Eating grass can be problematic only if your Maltipoo is throwing up after eating it. However, if he is eating pesticide-free greens and is well after feeding on it, there is nothing to worry about it. However, if the dog develops the habit of feeding on grass, he may provide on any place. He will not take care if it has dangerous chemicals or feces of other dogs. Therefore, it is always advised to keep your Maltipoo away from the grass as it can prove really harmful in the other way round. Following are the tips you can use to help your pet in that:

Watch Maltipoos eating pattern:

Watch if your Maltipoo has started feeding on the grass regularly. If that’s the case, you need to stop and think about how to avoid it. Moreover, take precautions at once to make your area safe. Use the chemicals in your garden that are labelled safe for pets. Also, stop your pet from feeding on grass when you take him outside. Moreover, keep your pet indoors when you sprayed lawn with any chemical even if its safe for pets. After a short while, the chemical may break down and prove no harm.

Add Fibers In The Diet:

Add a fair amount of fibers in the diet of your Maltipoo. Some veterinarians think that dogs usually crave for grass if they lack fibers in their diet or having difficulty in evacuating. Add wholesome foods to your Maltipoos meals to stop him from eating a lot of grass to suffice his needs.

Make His Food A Complete Source Of Nutrients:

As suggested earlier, most of the times, dogs eat grass when they lack certain minerals and vitamins in their diet. So, ensure to give a complete diet instead of a fancier one. Some of the options to make a complete rich nutrient and full of fiber diet are shown as:


You can add apple chunks in the meals. This can not only provide vitamins, minerals, but also a lot of fiber content. However, ensure to remove the core before giving it to your pup, as the centre can be poisonous for them.

Green Beans:

Green beans can not only suffice the cravings for greens but also are a great source of fibers and minerals.


Steamed and raw are Maltipoos favourites. You can also give them to baby Maltipoo and those having difficulty in teething.


Oat bran, wheat bran, or rice bran become a rich source of fibers when sprinkled on different meals.


You can easily mix baby peas in a variety of foods to make it a rich source of nutrients for your pup.

Wrapping Up

Maltipoos, like other dogs, tend to feed on grass. However, it is a usual practise unless he is feeding too much on the same thing. Moreover, if your pup is throwing up after eating it, you need to worry about it. We provided a complete guide on why your dogs tend to eat grass and how you can help them in it. Follow the tips precisely to avoid any stomach issue which can sometimes become serious in your pup.

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