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Your Maltipoo Exercise Needs

Maltipoo is mainly an indoor cuddle pet. However, like every other pet, it also needs a certain degree of exposure to the outside environment, exercise, and outdoor playing chances. Regular exercise has tons of benefits, from keeping your little friend healthy and fit to protect it from several ailments, including mental illnesses. Regular exercise and exposure to the community play a vital role in your pet’s proper grooming. It not only improves blood circulation but also keeps the muscles and heart-healthy and robust. Regular exercise healthily boosts your dog’s appetite and release pent-up energy, which can otherwise lead to adverse outcomes. Moreover, it is also linked to improving sleep at night, chasing off cancer, and preventing certain deadly diseases.

So, now you know how exercise and regular exposure to the outside environment is essential to dogs. However, how you can take care of your Maltipoos exercise needs and ensure he is getting enough of it. Continue reading to get answers to all your questions and know how you can make it fun for both of you.

Where Can You Take Your Pup To Exercise?

When it comes to your pet’s exercise, the first question that comes into mind is where can we take our Maltipoo for training. So, the following are certain places which can actually be beneficial for pets to romp around;

Dog Parks:

Most owners’ most commonly used place to make their dogs play outside, exercise, romp, play, and make new friends is dog parks. These places seem like an excellent source of making your pup free and at ease and gaining socialization skills. For smaller puppies and hybrid breeds like Maltipoos, you can go to the parks with separate sections for large and small dogs. However, there are particular concerns when it comes to taking your dog to a dog park:

1.       Your Maltipoo can be attacked by bigger dogs. So, always choose a park having a separate area for smaller pups. Do not take your puppy to a garden unless it has an excellent protected area based on its size and a rule that all the owners should leash their pets walking on trails.

2.       Keep an eye on your Maltipoo, even if it is with smaller pets. Toy dogs and Maltipoos can indulge in a brutal fight though seldom fatal. However, it can affect your cute little sensitive pup’s mental health a lot. Other dogs may have frozen stances, bare their teeth, or have raised hackles. So, whenever you move to such a place, ensure to keep your pup safe.

3.       In a dog park, Maltipoo may easily catch fleas and roundworms, specifically from other dogs visiting the same area. Moreover, the Maltipoo may tend to eat other pups’ feces, so they get infested with the parasites present in it. You can consider year-round flea protection to help your puppy get protected. You can also keep the right eye and prevent your Maltipoo from eating feces. Whenever you see any dog loosening its bowels, be very vigilant in moving your pet from that area. Moreover, do not allow him to sniff any kind of fecal material.

4.       Drinking water from the park can cause the spread of several infectious diseases in dogs. So, ensure that your dog is fully hydrated before leaving or taking your own water supply with you.


If you are looking for something that can be fun for both of you, hiking is the best option. However, Maltipoo’s speed will be a lot slower than yours, making it a bit more challenging and fun. Whenever you take your Maltipoo for a hike, make sure you take easy trails. Do not forget to keep your little one on a leash and harness during the whole time. Do take breaks for water and rest. Also, if the trail is not so smooth, place the shoes on your Maltipoo. It ensures a smooth pace on sandy tracks, good traction, and protects paws from small pebbles that can irritate them.

A dog-friendly beach

Beaches are not just for humans or for summers. You can take your little pup to the shoreline at any time of the year. Mainly, the off-season is often the best time for taking your dog to such places as there are few people. So, there are more chances for your pup to go near water and have fun. Dogs love water and waves and are enthralled near them. So, taking your dog occasionally to a beach is always a good idea. Even you can take your pup to shore in winter. It is because it will snow inland but not near water. However, do not forget to check the temperature of the wind before you take your pup out. You can also wrap your Maltipoo in shoes and parka and explore the fun in the area.

To a dog-friendly store:

In cold months when you and your Maltipoo are suffering from cabin fever, you can still go out. You will be surprised to know that there are certain stores, and many allow small toy breeds before visiting. Call ahead if they allow small toy breeds. Many of them include Petco, Bass Pro Shop, Barnes and Noble, Bloomingdales, the Gap & Bed Bath, Foot Locker, Anthropologie, and so on.


Like all other pets, Maltipoo needs regular time to play, interact with other pets, exposure to the outdoor environment, and healthy activities. However, every time you take your pup outside, make sure to protect it. It is because larger dogs and even the smaller one’s too tend to attack smaller pups. The attack can be lethal, lead to severe injuries, or affect your pup’s mental health. Moreover, make sure to use the right outfits and pack him properly before you take him out. Remember, exercise and physical activity is as essential for your pup as for you. 

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